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Briner liquid deicer

Reliability & Effectiveness: Bucher Briner sprayers for tough conditions 

Designed for heavy trucks, our innovative technology provides reliable and precise spraying of liquid chlorides and solutions.

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer

Designed for heavy trucks, the Bucher Briner sprayer is ideal in terms of performance, reliability and precision for spraying liquid chlorides and solutions thanks to innovative technology. Thanks to its experience, Bucher Municipal has developed this equipment with reference to all road, motorway and airport contexts.

Get to know the Briner liquid deicer

Conquer snowy and icy roads with total coverage
Conquer snowy and icy roads with total coverage

Bucher Briner is renowned for its innovative liquid deicer technology, which includes a unique "triangular" spraying technique using advanced nozzles. This cutting-edge solution guarantees total coverage of any surface, even in the most challenging conditions like snow-covered or icy roads. With Bucher Briner's expertise, you can rely on achieving the best possible coverage in any situation.

Innovative snow removal solutions: experience mechanical power
Innovative snow removal solutions: experience mechanical power

Through extensive research and unwavering dedication, we have successfully developed a state-of-the-art machine that guarantees reliability and delivers top-notch performance. This cutting-edge technology can effectively deal with snowy surfaces using a mechanical rather than chemical approach. The key to its success lies in the vertical spray of a specially formulated liquid de-icer solution, which is applied under high pressure.

Advanced control panels: maximize safety and efficiency
Advanced control panels: maximize safety and efficiency

The control panel receives signals from electronic sensors to indicate any malfunctions in the equipment or depletion of the material that needs to be spread. Additionally, safety and road traffic signs are available in different models with lights and protective features, in accordance with various safety requirements and regulations.

Key specifications

  • Application
    Highways and Roads, Airports

  • Painting
    tested for more than 2000 hours in salt fog

  • Nozzle bars and nozzles
    3 nozzle bars each fitted with 9 nozzles

  • Standard spray width
    11.5 - 23 - 34.4 ft

  • Solution dosing capacity
    186.4 ÷ 879.7 lb/lane/mile

  • Drive
    By the vehicle's hydraulic system or an auxiliary diesel engine

Key features

Technical compartment
Modular tanks
Front bar
Ecosat control system

High-strength weather-protected rear technical compartment

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Technical compartment

Rear bonnet in high-strength steel to protect the technical compartment (pump, valves, electrical/electronic components and auxiliary engine, if present). The technical compartment is opened using gas-operated springs.

Unlocking efficiency and savings with our 17.9 in manhole covers

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Manhole

The 17.9 in diameter for inspections or maintenance ensures excellent performance and reduces the need for replacement and management overheads.

Experience the safety and reliability of our modular tank solutions

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Modular tanks

Modular tanks in recyclable polyethylene and connected to each other to create a solid structure that also retains flexibility such so that it can be mounted on the vehicle chassis without affecting its elasticity. The low centre of gravity and the flow breakers inside the individual tanks ensure safe driving in all load conditions, even on uneven paving.

Maximize efficiency and precision with nozzles

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Nozzles

The brine is spread on the ground through 3 nozzle bars each fitted with 9 nozzles entirely in stainless steel controlled by pneumatic valves. Machine operations are managed automatically based on the parameters set on the control panel.

Achieve precision and power with front bar's swivelling spray technology

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Front bar

Swivelling front bar with spray width up to 7.9 ft and spray pressure up to 40 bar (alternative maximum pressure 120 bar). Drive is via the vehicle's hydraulic system.

Boost Productivity and Accuracy

Bucher Briner_liquid sprayer_Ecosat

Microprocessor tachometer control system with maximum programming flexibility and display of the various spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage in relation to vehicle speed.

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