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Spare parts
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High-quality OEM parts and services
that ensure reliable operations

Genuine OEM parts and
accessories ensure

You'll never have to wait long for OEM spare parts for any of our machines and equipment.

Make use of genuine OEM spare parts. They guarantee you the right to warranty services, value retention, and high resale value. Furthermore, they provide you with more security and better profitability. Genuine spare parts guarantee warranty services, value retention, and high resale value.

  • 98% of spare parts are immediately available from stock
  • Quality, function, and interchangeability guaranteed

  • The long-term stock of spare parts

  • Supply of original spare parts at competitive prices

Bucher C202
Bucher Municipal genuine OEM parts

Genuine OEM parts

Advantages of genuine OEM parts:

  • Long life cycle
  • Exact fit in the equipment
  • Less downtime since 98% of our parts are in stock which reduces equipment downtime
  • No performance loss since OEM parts are engineered specifically for your Bucher machines

The true value isn’t in the initial cost; it’s in the reliability, durability, and unmatched performance of solely using Bucher OEM parts.

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