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Clear the way for a better tomorrow 

Every day we wake up to a world of more. More waste, more traffic, and more emissions.
At Bucher Municipal, we see potential in more: To do better. Since we launched the first equipment, we've been driven by change. Driven by ensuring clean and safe environments. Driven by engineering new, better technology. Driven by a focus on quality and reliability for better, safer operations.

We believe that to do more, we have to do better. Like pioneering electric sweeping, refuse, and winter maintenance solutions and water recycling for sustainable water management. Working closely with you, we put better into action and set new standards with smart, efficient technologies for a better tomorrow.

Driven by better 
Our promise

With a commitment to always be there for you and a passion to offer better, more efficient, sustainable solutions, we put better into action. Leveraging on the 200-year-old heritage of Bucher, we know better solutions exist. Like connecting fleets to intelligently manage more efficient, smarter cities. Driven by our dedication to help our customers achieve better results, we're taking more and making it better: More green cities, more quality living, more efficiency, more reliability, more trust, and more potential. We're driven by the possibilities for a better, more efficient tomorrow. For you. For citizens. For everyone.

That's why we say: Bucher Municipal - Driven by better. 

Achieving excellence together with you

At Bucher Municipal, we understand the world is constantly shifting. It is why, since our first piece of equipment saw the light of day, we have been driven to keep improving. Driven to make our cities, infrastructure, and environments cleaner and greener. Driven to innovate and engineer new and better cleaning and clearing technologies and solutions. For operations within urban and residential environments, highways, roads, airports, construction zones, and industrial sites.

For you, that means having a partner that will always be there to support you and your business. Not only when it comes to providing outstanding innovation, quality, and reliability, but when it comes to delivering solid equipment and support to your team.

Because, at Bucher Municipal, we are always ready to help – equipped with a deep understanding of your needs and ready to roll up our sleeves to ensure you overcome any challenge. Offering stable support so that you can drive a profitable business while benefitting individual citizens, society, and the environment.

At Bucher Municipal, we achieve this through our drive to develop intelligent solutions that enable you to meet current demands and stay ahead of future changes. Leading the way towards smarter technologies and alternative energy sources.


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