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What started as a blacksmith’s shop has since transformed into a world-leading manufacturer of vehicles for street cleaning, snow removal, garbage collection.


One shared history - multiple brands

Bucher Municipal is an international manufacturer of cleaning and clearing solutions. Below, we give you a deep dive into each of our sub- and legacy brands and into the story that makes up Bucher Municipal. 

Bucher History
Year 1807

Humble beginnings

In a small hamlet near Niederweningen, on the Zurich cantonal boundary, Heinrich Bucher (-Weiss) (1784 –1850) opens a smithy in 1807. Mainly working as a blacksmith, the primary business focused on repairing agricultural equipment. Soon, Heinrich Bucher (-Weiss) earned recognition for his craftsmanship and high quality, planting the roots of Bucher Municipal.

History Bucher
Year 1890

Foreign-made agricultural machinery

After more than 80 years working as the local blacksmith maintaining and repairing the equipment in the local community in Niederweningen, the operations were expanded to the import, sales, and maintenance of foreign-made agricultural machinery. 

Bucher history
Year 1954

The Bucher four-wheel tractor

In 1954, Bucher launched the world's first four-wheel tractor. Prior to this, the walking tractor had made its way to agricultural operations, but with the introduction of the four-wheel tractor, operations became much more efficient. In 1954, the production of the four-wheel tractor started up, and in 1964, a total of 5,000 units were delivered. 

Bucher history
Years 1960- 1969

Entry to the municipal sector

After years of working with selling, maintaining, and repairing agricultural equipment, the business started to grow and evolve into supporting municipal operations. Quickly, the company starts exploring clearing and cleaning technology for municipal use.

Bucher History
Year 1991

Acquisition of Rolba and a shift to municipal vehicles

Up until the 1990s, demand grew and the business gradually turned into focusing more on the municipal cleaning and clearing operations. In 1991, Bucher Municipal fully embarked on municipal operations through the acquisition of Rolba, a sweeper and snow-blower manufacturer founded in 1950. 

Bucher History
Year 1994

Acquisition of Schörling

Bucher Municipal acquires the German-based company Schörling. Founded in Hannover in 1920, Schörling manufactured sweeper equipment. Schörling, who is behind the "Duro", an all-terrain vehicle developed for the Swiss army, produced more than 3,600 units of which more than 3,000 were delivered to the Swiss armed forces. 

History Bucher
Year 2000

Establishing local operations in Asia

In 2000, Bucher Municipal embarked on the international operations with the expansion to Asia. In 2000, Bucher Municipal established local operations in South Korea. 

History Bucher
Year 2002

Giletta becomes part of Bucher

In 2002, Bucher Municipal acquires the Italian winter equipment manufacturer Giletta, founded in 1950. By virtue of the acquisition of Giletta, Bucher Municipal takes over Arvel as well. With the acquisition of Giletta, Bucher Municipal extends its cleaning and clearing operations to winter maintenance. 

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Year 2004

Foundation of Bucher Schörling Baltic

With the formation of Bucher Schörling Baltic in 2004, Bucher Municipal solidifies its standing as a leading supplier of municipal technologies in the Baltics.

History Bucher
Year 2005

Acquisition of Johnston

In 2005, Bucher Municipal acquires Johnston, a leading sweeper equipment manufacturer. Johnston Sweepers was founded in 1904. With the acquisition of Johnston Sweepers, Bucher Municipal simultaneously enters the refuse business in Oceania with the acquisition of MacDonald Johnston Australia and its refuse manufacturing business. 

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Bucher XPowa
Year 2005

Acquisition of Beam

Prior to becoming a part of Bucher Municipal, Beam was a part of Johnston. In 2005, Beam joined Bucher Municipal. Beam was founded in 1972 and has specialised in designing and manufacturing specialist truck-mounted sweepers and high-pressure washers for a number of applications.

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History Bucher
Year 2007

Acquisition of Gmeiner

In 2007, Bucher Municipal strengthens its winter maintenance equipment with the acquisition of Gmeiner. Originally founded as a manufacturer of spreaders for Unimog vehicles, Gmeiner was founded in 1965. Ever since it was established, Gmeiner has been known for its safe, reliable, flexible products, striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

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Bucher History
Year 2011

Acquisition of Maquiasfalt

In 2011, Bucher Municipal acquires Maquiasfalt. Maquiasfalt was the official distributor of the Bucher Municipal product portfolio in Spain. Today, Maquiasfalt remains the sales and aftersales provider for the Spanish market. 

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History Bucher
Year 2012

Acquisition of Assaloni

In 2012, Bucher Municipal acquires Assaloni, the innovative and well-known manufacturer of snow-blowers and telescopic snow ploughs that become the benchmark in the sector for snow removal for decades. By virtue of the acquisition, Bucher Municipal strengthened the winter cleaning and clearing offerings. 

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History Bucher
Year 2016

The first all-electric sweeper

In 2016, Bucher Municipal launches the world’s first all-electric compact sweeper to the market. The ground-breaking compact sweeper is awarded 2nd place in the Automobility Category at the GreenTec Awards 2016.  

History Bucher
Year 2016

Acquisition of J. Hvidtved Larsen

Bucher Municipal acquires the Danish sewer cleaning manufacturer J. Hvidtved Larsen and enters a new cleaning and clearing industry: Sewer and Drainage.  Since 1915, J. Hvidtved Larsen has built a reputation for producing high-quality Sewer Cleaning Equipment that plays a key role in securing a more sustainable environment.

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History Bucher
Year 2016

Acquisition of PakMor Waste Equipment

By virtue of its Oceania operations, Bucher Municipal acquires PakMor. In acquiring one of Australia’s leading specialist engineering companies, Bucher Municipal creates a stronger position for itself in the Australian market. PakMor is known for handling all waste and recycling streams. 

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History Bucher
Year 2018

Launch of all-electrical truck-mounted sweeper

In 2018, only two years after launching the all-electric compact sweeper, Bucher Municipal launches the first all-electric truck-mounted sweeper in the industry. The sweeper is launched under the Johnston brand. 

History Bucher
Year 2019

Acquisition of Zynkon

In further strengthening its presence in Sewer and Drainage, Bucher Municipal acquires Wuhan Zynkon Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing. The company operates under the brand Zynkon, and is a well-established manufacturer of sewage equipment for the Chinese high and medium market segment. 

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History Bucher
Year 2019

Bucher Connect

Bucher Municipal launches its digital service platform, Bucher Connect, offering premium support to customers with fleets of all sizes. By virtue of the emerging product portfolio, Bucher Connect is constantly being developed and expanded for the availability of all customers no matter the fleet or fleet size.  

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Year 2020

Acquisition of Eurovoirie

To amplify presence in France Bucher Municipal is acquiring 100% of the leading French distributor of municipal vehicles Eurovoirie SAS, allowing to directly market its entire product portfolio of municipal vehicles to French customers and to better service them.

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Year 2020

Acquisition of Spoutvac

With the acquisition of Spoutvac, the leading local manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment in Australia, Bucher Municipal strengthens its market position in Oceania. Bucher Municipal complements its product range with the Spoutvac offering for the Oceania market.  A full product portfolio will allow Bucher Municipal to further grow in the region and serve customers better through its well established sales and service organisation.

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