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To keep with the demand of an increasing population and urbanization, factories around the world are increasing their production every day. With a factory’s increasing manufacture, processing, utilisation, consumption, cleaning and maintenance comes increasing waste. These vast amounts of waste can be anything from biological to dangerous goods.Failure to properly dispose or clean it can at best affect the regular operations of a factory and at worst it can represent a health hazard.

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CityFlex® 205 side angle rear view

CityFlex C50

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

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SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
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Clean waste on industrial sites

In order to ensure factory operations keep running smoothly while maintaining a clean and safe work and natural environment, it isimperative to use the right equipment to clean and dispose the accumulated waste in all industrial sites. Whether it is cleaning of machinery, cleaning pipes on a sugar factory, cleaning animal waste on farms, cleaning, vacuum and transport dangerous goods, jetting and vacuum on power and heating plants, etc.

To take on this challenge, sewer cleaning units with both a jetting and vacuum system are required and the combination units from Bucher Municipal can do it without a problem.

SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
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Right solution for the task

Developed in multiple sizes and capabilities, these units are designed to adapt to the different situations there might be around the premises. From a two axle unit with 4,000 liters tank to the three or four axle units with 12,000 or 14,000 liters tank, there is a sewer cleaning truck to take on the different cleaning tasks in the different surroundings. And for really hard to access areas, you can count with the remote hose ree; a separate and motorized hose reel that can plug into the sewer cleaning truck to assist with the jetting where the truck cannot go. Whether there is a minor cleaning job in a narrow area or you need full power and capacity, there is a unit for every need.

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