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Remote Reel

The best helper for your sewer cleaning unit


where sewer cleaner units can't

Remote Reel 
Reach where sewer cleaners units can't

With the Bucher Remote Reel, you are guaranteed easy and safe access to those difficult jetting tasks. Its smart design allows you to go off-road and even go handle stairs.

Remote Easement hose reel on a slope

Designed to be a perfect extension and helper for your sewer cleaning truck. This compact, sturdy and off-road unit will help you finish those jobs you couldn't do before due to low accessibility.

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Get to know the Remote Reel

Easy, safe and intuitive operation
Easy, safe and intuitive operation

A belt-driven undercarriage with adjustable width gives an easier, safer and more stable maneuvering in difficult areas. The smart design of this machine and the simple yet functional design of the control panel allows it to be easily operated by one man.  

Remote Hose Reel UK IE
Get more jobs done
Get more jobs done

Increase your daily productivity by tackling those jobs where a regular sewer cleaner unit will never reach such as off-road areas and even across stairs. An integrated maneuvering mode allows for an easy start-up and precision maneuvering.

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Key specifications

  • Hydraulically operated hose reel with variable speed

  • 656 ft (200 m) 1” jetting hose

  • Hinowa caterpillar track crawler with adjustable width

  • Honda 11.7 HP petrol engine

  • Rear operator platform with easy steering and controls

  • Track width from 30-42 in (76-106 cm)

  • Variable speed from 0-2.5 mph (0-4 km/h)

Key features

Adjustable belt-driven undercarriage
Control panel
Work lamp and Beacon
Tool tray
Cover hook holder

Go off-road and across stairs safely

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

The undercarriage can be adjusted in width and speed for increased stability in difficult terrain. This feature together with the shock absorber located on the operator platform adds on the design for one-man operation.


Operate the unit with a simple control panel

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Easily manage the Bucher Remote Reel with the control panel mounted on the back. The control panel manages, among other things, the automatic hose guide, the speed and the width of the undercarriage belts.

Work safely even during the night 

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Stay safe even in the dark with the powerful LED work lamp and beacon mounted on the Bucher Remote Reel.

Your work tools always where you need them

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Take your tools with you thanks to the practical tool tray mounted next to the control panel.

Practical storage for your cover hooks

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Store your cover hooks in the practical holder located on the side of the Bucher Remote Reel.

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