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Stand cleaning

At airports 

Keeping airports clean and safe

Oil, grease and fuel spill in airports can cause all sorts of problems; at the least delays in departures and at the worst, a hazard for those around these.

These spills are not only dangerous and slippery when wet, they also represent an environmental issue that needs to be taken care of fast. To help out with this task, you can count with the stand cleaning and degreasing vehicle from Bucher Municipal.

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MaxPowa V95t aero

Effective cleaning

No spills are a match

Available with a 9m³, 12m³ or 14m³ hopper made in 304 stainless steel, this unit is equipped with a front sprayer used to apply a mixture of water and an environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable oil spill remover on the surface of airport stands so that it can be processed and roughened with the disc brooms simultaneously. The dissolved material is absorbed in the same operation via the suction between the axles in the container.

Optional Equipment

Real deep cleaning

Spray, scrub, wash and vacuum simultaneously as you go. Enjoy the high performance of this machine’s capabilities every single time on any type of airport. A wide range of additional optional equipment means you can improve your results as you need it. The wide suction over the whole machine width in combination with the high suction power ensures an optimal dirt absorption - even with stubborn dirt.

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