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The move towards sustainability

Clean up the world

Take part in ensuring a cleaner, greener world

Thanks to a growing global population and urbanisation – and the infrastructure challenges that follow – society must act now to improve long-term quality of life for everyone. 

It means turning to sustainable solutions that can fulfill our basic demands while taking into account CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and energy and water consumption. 

Go green - Keeping our long-term perspective in mind

Global focus on environmental and infrastructural challenges has made sustainability a high priority for companies, industries, and society. 

Citycat 2020 electric sweeper

In pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions

Thanks to a shift towards electrification and alternative fuels, the world is witnessing a rise in new technology that does a better job while creating less of a carbon footprint.

People in the street

Cleaner, safer, greener environments – for everyone

Sustainable living is not just about keeping streets clean. It is about creating all-round safer environments – taking issues like noise and air pollution into account. 

CL sprayer

Climate change and the effect on our infrastructure

To reduce pressure on global infrastructure, we need to create durable solutions: from snow and ice removers that keep roads safe at all times, to sewer cleaning units that can manage a greater volume of wastewater. 

Clear the way for
a greener tomorrow

Maximise profit and support sustainability by using efficient, environmentally friendly solutions

Environmental and societal challenges create a need for sustainable development worldwide. In essence, it means meeting our present needs while accelerating our transition towards low-carbon solutions and societies. 

Using electrified technology to power the future. Today.

The good news is the global mission to become more sustainable is well underway: Multinational companies are aiming for carbon neutrality, zero emission cities are being given consideration, and new, electrified technology is powering greener environments. 

Changing the way we shape the world

In addition, CO2 emission regulations mean companies and municipalities demand more efficient cleaning and clearing solutions. This, in turn, motivates us to create technology that emits as little pollution as possible – thereby meeting the needs of our clients and society as a whole. 

Growing a sustainable business takes the right equipment.

Harnessing momentum for electrification and alternative fuels

With the shift towards electrification comes a wave of positive change in the current range of cleaning and clearing solutions on offer – covering everything from sweepers and refuse trucks, to winter maintenance equipment and sewer cleaning units.  

When it comes to sweepers especially, 2018 was a memorable year for Bucher Municipal: with the launch of the industry’s first electrified truck-mounted sweeper. The zero-emissions vehicle produces less noise pollution than conventional sweepers and can be operated for a full work day without needing to be recharged. 

The future of eco-friendly solutions

But there are limitations to electrification. Especially when it comes to larger vehicles – the likes of which, if they even have the means to go electric, would require enormous batteries in order to function. But that does not mean large vehicles cannot be green: Like those powered by CNG or other alternative fuels. 

Meet rising demand for healthier, safer environments head on 

Now more than ever, we need solutions that can manage and support growing strain on sewer systems, roads, and garbage collection. But that’s not enough. We also need to take into account other forms of pollution, creating solutions that produce as little noise and CO2 as possible.

At the centre of it all, we must not forget the health and safety of operators and members of the public. It is why all our vehicles offer drivers a comfortable and easy work space, helping remove any unneccesary worry while they are on the job. By allowing them to concentrate on their surroundings and the task at hand, we improve both your results and public safety. 

Our revolutionary electric
compact sweeper

With our all-electric CityCat sweeper, we keep the focus on sustainability 

As the world’s leading supplier of sweepers, we aim to challenge the status quo and lead the way when it comes to helping companies and municipalities adopt more efficient electric vehicles. 

Having already broken new ground with the CityCat 2020ev – the first all-electric compact sweeper in the 2 m³ range –  we are proud to introduce our latest revolutionary all-electric sweeper: the CityCat V20e.

Raising the bar with a new generation of electric sweepers

Another 4.8 t vehicle with the same 2 t payload, the CityCat V20e is an electrified sweeper with a difference: with a custom-designed 63 kWh battery pack, the CityCat V20e can be used for a full 10-hour shift. Powerful yet respectful of its surroundings, the CityCat V20e can also be used around the clock – thanks to impressively low noise emissions.

Sustainable performance – every time 

As well as helping create a sweeper that produces very little noise, our custom-designed battery pack has been proven to have no harmful impact on the environment. And we’re not stopping there: even our diesel sweepers are ahead of the game when it comes to performing sustainably, with all our Euro 6d Stage 5 engines meeting every environmental standard. 

Providing you maximum sweeping efficiency with a lower TCO.

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Electric spreaders — putting
the environment first

Go green without sacrificing performance

Sustainable living has become a top priority for governments and businesses, leading to greater demand on suppliers to meet higher ethical standards. With this in mind, cleaning and clearing suppliers have turned their sights to electrified vehicles that provide the same high performance while reducing their impact on the environment.  At Bucher Municipal, we have made it our business to create these products of the future.

Reduce CO2 emissions with Bucher Electra 

As part of our drive to accommodate cleaner, safer, and healthier urban ecosystems – and help companies and municipalities meet their own environmental requirements – we developed our groundbreaking electrical spreader. Designed to emit minimal CO2 emissions, lower fuel usage, and reduce the risk of oil leakages, this spreader is 90% more energy efficient than its predecessors.

Other benefits:

  • Performs under any weather conditions
  • Designed for long-term use
  • Battery life equivalent to 9,000 man-hours  
  • Minimal energy usage 
  • Minimal noise pollution 

The Bucher electrical spreader is particularly suited for urban areas, where efforts to reduce noise and air pollution play a leading role. 

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Cleaner roads lead to 
safer, healthier environments

Sweepers are integral to how a city functions — supporting both the environment and our long-term health

While we fully appreciate having pavements that are litter-free, and roads that are clean and clear, there is so much more to sweepers than keeping public areas tidy and safe. By clearing debris and natural waste, sweepers contribute to a healthier world. 

Removing debris

Street sweepers collect debris like sediment, rubbish, metals, petroleum products and other waste – reducing the likelihood of these pollutants entering our stormwater systems. In addition, by keeping gutters and drains clear, sweepers reduce the risk of flooding in the event of heavy rain.

Improving air quality

With advancements in technology, we now have sweepers that can limit the amount of dust kicked up during the sweeping process – leading to less air pollution. 

Purifying water 

A clean street means that a road gutter or stormwater runoff is generally free from dirt, leaves, and litter. This creates a more effective purification process – and tap water that is safe to use. 

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Sewage solutions that are as
efficient as they are sustainable

Sewer cleaners made for what matters most – your business and the environment

Sewage cleaning is a central and critical part of a society’s infrastructure. Such an important job requires the best solutions – which is where our Bucher RECycler® comes into play.

The Bucher RECycler® can finish the job easier, faster, and more cost effectively – all the while ensuring a lower environmental footprint. In addition, the machine’s five-step water recycling system – the most effective on the market – comes with a moveable partition that improves jetting and water-filling, increasing efficiency by up to 55%.

Increase efficiency
by 55%

On top of these gains, the RECycler® can recycle water and reduce fuel usage when being used to set up or break down worksites. 

Sustainable fuel system 

With a belt-driven jetting pump, vane pump for vacuuming, and variable speed PTO, every component within a Bucher sewer cleaning vehicle runs at the optimal revolutions for the job at hand. This, in turn, can help our partners reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% – benefitting their bottom line and the environment.  

Reduce fuel consumption
by up to 20%

A sewer unit you can rely on 

Our sewer cleaning units are built to the highest standards, keeping in mind our commitment to innovation, high quality and premium service. Through continuous development of operations and our engineering process, not to mention our drive to only use the best raw materials, we ensure our solutions provide you the best performance at a low environmental impact – guaranteeing you a high return on investment in the long run. 

By continuously exploring innovations in electricity and other alternatives used to power our products, we are investing in a more sustainable environment. It also means helping our partners grow their businesses and, as a result, profits. 

Alternative fuel configurations

We’re constantly pushing boundaries with our Bucher sewer cleaning vehicles by exploring alternative fuel configurations. By way of evidence, 2020 will see us launch the first gas-powered water recycling unit for the North American market. This will mark a significant leap both for the industry and in securing water recycling units for densely populated areas. 

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