Sweepers models | Bucher Municipal | United States


CityCat V20

With 2.3 ton payload and 5.29-ton gross weight, the CityCat V20 delivers an outstanding load capacity for excellent sweep performance.
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CityCat V20e

Useable around the clock, the 2nd generation electric powered sweeper with 2.3-ton payload and 5.3-ton gross weight.
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CityCat 5006 compact street sweeper hopper tilted

CityCat 5006

Performance package in the compact class. The compact sweeper, that sets standards for performance.
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Continuous improvement to sufficiently meet customer requirements and demands.  
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Coming soon - offering a solution for zero-emissions sweeping with a 100 % electric truck-mounted sweeper.
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V80t left side profile view - Bucher Municipal North America


Heavy-duty cleaning powerhouse. Continuously improved to meet customer requirements.  
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V95t aero

High speed runway and multi-task sweeper, with unique sweeping system design and pick up hood.
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Bucher XPowa aero

XPowa aero

High-performance sweeping and high-pressure equipment. Flexibility, combined with highest performance.
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Bucher XPowa


High performance sweeping, cleaning and high-pressure equipment that exactly adapts to your needs.
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