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MaxPowa V80


MaxPowa V80
The heavy-duty cleaning powerhouse

The heavy-duty pure vacuum cleaning powerhouse that has been continuously improved to meet customer requirements.  

With sweepers tailored to operate in many specific environments, Bucher offers a wide choice of products and options, which ensures maximum performance is always achieved. Through years of experience in sweeper design, Bucher has developed a unique system that creates a cyclone effect within the hopper for efficient filtering of debris and dust particles prior to discharge to the atmosphere through mesh filter screens.
This unique design is a standard feature of all V Range sweepers.



Get to know the MaxPowa V80

Robust Construction
Robust Construction

Built for unrivalled durability

Mounted to the subframe, the hydraulically operated sweeping system is designed to prolong brush life and reduce the cost of ownership. Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms which reduce downtime between changeovers. All twin-engine V Range sweepers are powered by a dedicated high performance auxiliary engine. With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, the MaxPowa V80 is robust and built for unrivalled durability.

High Performance
High Performance

A versatile sweeper with a consistent high pick-up performance.

Equally at home on municipal street cleaning or heavier duty work sites the V Range delivers consistently high pick-up performance – even on contractor duties such as road planing and dirt pick-up around construction sites and access roads.

Maximizing on the job site time requires a balance of having enough water capacity to minimize refills, having enough hopper capacity to cope with large volumes of leaves or debris, having a payload great enough to meet demands of a workday and being able to carry enough fuel to reduce non-productive travel

The MaxPowa V80 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact, and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments, benefits that make the Bucher MaxPowa V80 the sweeper of choice worldwide. JCB auxiliary engines combined with the mechanical step-up gearbox and fluid coupling provide the best efficiency ratios in the industry.



Low Environmental Impact
Low Environmental Impact

Low Water Usage

The V Range uses as standard yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, or red nozzle jets with the higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional Water Recirculation system can save up to 238 gallons (900 liters) of water per day extending the on job site time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan.



Stainless Steel Hoppers
Stainless Steel Hoppers

Bucher Municipal is the pioneering street sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard hoppers totally constructed - not just lined - of 1.4003 stainless steel – the very best for this application. Our sweepers provide 250-times better corrosion resistance than standard or even 304 stainless steel. We are also the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on our hopper bodies.


Key specifications

  • 10.5 yd³ (8 m³) hopper capacity

  • 529 gallon (2004 liter) water tank

  • 9 gauge stainless steel hopper

  • Wireless discharge control

  • Trailing sweepgear

  • PM 2.5 Certifed
    PM 10 Certified

Key Features

Operator Experience
Swept Width

Cleverly thought through with the operator in mind

​V Range Centre console

The center console featuring cup holders and USB charging points can be adjusted to suit the operator's preference. The JVM screen is mounted on an articulated arm allowing tilt angle and rotation to be adjusted without the need for any tools. The JVM has a wide range of settings that can be tailored to suit the operational needs.

The ergonomic door controller can be used for all sweeping operations, brush position, pressure, speed, nozzle aperture, engine revs, and water jets.

A heavy-duty pause button allows the operator to lift all the sweep gear until depressed again. This allows the operator to change from sweeping to transit in a quick and easy way. The V Range remembers the last sweeping settings used each time.

Full EUnited PM10/2.5 Compliance

PM10 Certificate

The MaxPowa V80 in common with all the V Range is also the first European-manufactured machine to achieve full PM10 test compliance in stringent air quality tests on whole vehicle emissions and comes 4* certified.




Advanced filter design

V Range Hopper

Through years of experience in sweeper design, Bucher has developed a unique system that creates a cyclone effect within the hopper for efficient filtering of debris and dust particles prior to discharge to the atmosphere through mesh filter screens.

This unique design is now a standard feature of all V Range sweepers. The rear discharge chute directs loads away from the rear of the vehicle, minimising the risk of damage to lamps and other components. The standard load de-watering system allows the draining of water from the waste volume

Designed with safety in mind

V Range Hopper Prop

The highly visible, self-engaging body prop provides the operator and service personnel with a safe working environment. The V Range features a wireless radio controller allowing the operator to walk completely around the sweeper. The operator can adjust the wide sweep brush easily and check surroundings before opening the rear door or tipping.

High visibility brush plates and hose sleeves make it easier for the operator to see the brush position. The V Range is also supplied with an LED sweep gear work light as standard and a wide range of additional LED and hazard warning lights are also available.

Water Purging system as standard

Water purging system for anticipated freezing weather conditions. The simple in-cab switch allows water to easily and conveniently drain from the street sweeper. Water jets in the nozzle boxes are self-cleaning, which extends the life of the components.

Up to 142" (3600 mm) with simultaneous sweep option

V Range Simultaneous sweep

The MaxPowa V80 offers up to 142" (3600 mm) swept width with the simultaneous sweep option (for dual sweep machines only), set almost flat makes short work of light application surface cleaning.

Product variations


MaxPowa V80t with twin

Twin-engine options offering performance and flexibility for truck mounted sweepers.
Being independent of the truck chassis, the sweeper auxiliary engine powers the sweeping functions and vacuum system so both engine and chassis can be tailored to the application and customer preferences. A wide range of chassis can also be supplied with either manual, automatic or automated gearboxes providing a wide range of options to suit the operator.
The MaxPowa V80t is supplied with a JCB 97kW industrial engine as standard, designed for operating in a dusty environment. Providing 550Nm of torque at 1500 rpm the Stage 5 engine is ideally suited for applications where higher suction power is required; for example more arduous road construction operations (EU27 only).

Throttle control of the auxiliary engine is infinitely variable ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency with no performance compromised. With a 1500 rev Eco-mode built into the V80t, fuel conservation and noise levels are enhanced.

Once set to operating performance, the twin-engine sweeper system will perform at the same level regardless of gradient and travel speed. The sweeping operation can be paused or stopped easily and sweep gear lifted to allow the driver to transit from one location to another without having to disengage a separate drive.

V80t vacuum street sweeper rear view Bucher Municipal North America
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MaxPowa V80h with hydrostatic

The patented hydrostatic drive option is ideal for built up areas such as towns and cities where sweeping speed and control are an advantage.

These single engine hydrostatic gearbox truck mounted sweepers provide the best control during the sweeping operation and allows the driver to have infinite travel speed from 0 to 40 km/h. With the cruise control option the operator can set the ideal sweep speed and concentrate on sweeping. The chassis is driven via the standard truck gearbox in transit mode and when the sweeper is required to sweep, the operator engages the hydrostatic drive system. Maintenance is only required on one engine but the single engine is working at high load more often.

The patented hydrostatic gearbox can work with large chassis engines up to 280 hp. 

The HGB2 gearbox can handle high torque transmissions with engines up to 280 hp. Operators wishing to use high power engines can sweep efficiently without overloading the gearbox. The single engine sweeper uses the fuel tank from the chassis or the sweeper 170 liter fuel tank, allowing longer on station time. The hydrostatic drive system is lighter than the equivalent twin engine sweeper, allowing more pay load.

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MaxPow V80m with chassis
PTO drive

The MaxPowa V80m is a single engine truck mounted machine and is offered alongside our existing truck mounted machines. All sweeping functions are driven directly by the chassis engine PTO rather than our auxiliary engine options of the MaxPowa V80t or the hydrostatic gearbox option of the MaxPowa V80h.

The MaxPowa V80m powapack is similar to the hydrostatic using a 800 mm diameter hydraulically driven fan impellor, but in place of a hydrostatic gearbox the V80m has a large 130 cc hydraulic fan pump which is directly driven by a drive shaft from the chassis engine PTO.

The hydraulic fan pump in turn drives a gear pump which controls all sweeping equipment, and, in the event of supawash being selected then a tandem pump is fitted to run the additional hydraulic required.

The MaxPowa V80m has been designed to operate at maximum sweeper performance at just 1000 rpm of the chassis engine.

The chassis engine rpm may increased, either with the chassis cruise control (chassis dependent) or the foot pedal. This increases the forward speed of the vehicle but does not increase sweeper performance as it will have already attained maximum suction performance at 1000 rpm.

All this combines to keep fuel consumption, noise and forward speed to a minimum.

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The MaxPowa V80 Rear Suction - Leave Nothing Behind

MaxPowa V80 Rear Suction in Action!

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