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One of the realities in sewer and drainage maintenance is that it requires a fair amount of clean water to maintain and clean the drainage systems. This is not only expensive and time consuming to bring to the work site, but clean water has become a scarce ressource in several parts of the world. Because of this, new technologies such as water recycling systems have become the new gold in the industry. That together with fuel efficiency configurations are now key ingredients in the sewer cleaning business.

To secure a sustainable environment, Bucher has developed water recycling units since 1985, taking the lead in preserving clean water. Since then Bucher has perfected the system and today the Bucher RECycler units are equipped with a fully automatic and continuous five-step water recycling system, separating water from the sludge to subsequently use the clean water to clean the sewers. In practice, this allows operators to vacuum and jet at the same time - without having to refill water.  

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RECycler® 208 rear side angle - light

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RECycler® 206 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Good for the environment and your business

Efficient and intuitive  

In urban areas, bringing water recycling technology to the city center benefits both the environment and the business. With the Bucher RECycler, agile in maneuverability,  high legal payload, low on noise levels and equipped with an intuitive display and fully automatic water recycling system, the operator minimizes water consumption and environmental footprint while increasing efficiency as there is no need to leave the worksite to collect water. This increases efficiency in everyday life and saves the environment for several thousand liters of clean water.

RECycler® 206 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Productivity with minimal water use

Low environmental footprint

Getting more work done while keeping water consumption and CO2 emissions low benefit urban areas, the environment and the bottom line. On top of that, Bucher RECycler units filtrate the water efficiently and to a state where wear and tear on both the tank and pipelines are reduced to a minimum. Add then the movable partition and the fuel-saving technology that automatically adjusts the engine and pumps, giving the Bucher RECycler units competitive edge in minimizing environmental footprint and increasing productivity in the city center.

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