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Recycler CR120

Recycler sewer cleaning unit

Recycler CR120 
The market’s most flexible recycling unit

Top class power, quality and functionality to deliver the best job every time.

How does our recycling system work? Watch and learn in this short video.

Sewer cleaning unit with a continuous recycling system designed to perform throughout the day without the need to stop and refill the tank with new water. Save water, time and fuel.

Flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability in one unit. The Bucher Recycler CR120 is the most complete and versatile unit with a powerful recycling system that will increase your productivity no matter the circumstances.

Get to know the Recycler CR120

Increase productivity without compromising the environment
Increase productivity without compromising the environment

The continuous recycling system from the RECycler cleans the water taken from the sewers thorugh five steps so you can keep reusing the same water without damaging your tank or the pipelines.


rear view of recycler truck
Not just another JetVac
Not just another JetVac

Work continuously with the same water that was taken and recycled from the sewer lines. The combination of the powerful recycling system with the flexible tank size means that you can finish the job without wasting unnecessary water, time or fuel.


315 Recycler control and hose system

Key specifications

  • Tank: 15.7 yd³ (12 m³)

  • Tank: 14.5 psi (1 bar) pressure approved

  • Jetting pump: Uraca P3-45, 124 gpm (471 l/min) @ 2,175 psi (150 bar)

  • Jetting hose reel: 5/4” 656 ft (200 m) and 3/4" 164 ft (50 m) + 1/2" 196 ft (60 m)

  • Vacuum pump: CVS VacuStar WR 3100, 1,825 cfm (51,667 l/min)

  • Suction cassette: 6" suction hose with 7 ft (2 m) extension

  • Recycling system: 5-step continuous water recycling with coarse and fine filters

Key features

Recycling system
Cabinets and shelves
Control panels
Movable partition
Automatic end cover

5-step automatic water recycling system with continuous operation


315 Recycling System


Centrifugal cyclones, Desmi S80 transfer pump, coarse and fine filters plus internal jetting booms for cleaning of the filters.

Smart storage to keep your work and  personal items safe and at reach


Storage cabinets on the 315 Recycler


Three double cabinets, one comfort cabinet fitted with hand wash facility, two hose shelves, two tool shelves.

Optimize your workday

RECycler® 312 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Get more out of your unit and optimize your workday with a wide set of accessories including a nozzle set, detachable vice and an end cover safety support.

Operate the unit with the help of two control panels

RECycler® 312 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Manage all functions and set up your unit for the job at hand with the control panels mounted inside the cabin and on the back and side of the tank. The panels are designed with buttons and the larger screens have a color display for a more intuitive operation.

Enjoy a dynamic tank size that holds both water and sludge separated inside

RECycler® 312 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Get the most out of your tank with the practical movable partition which divides it into two flexible compartments that change size as you jet and vacuum, keeping the water and sludge separated at all times.

Empty your tank effortlessly and without obstructing

RECycler® 312 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

The hydraulic end cover opens upwards automatically minimizing obstructions on roads or sidewalks.

Get to know more

BUS-based PLC

Fast, flexible and reliable system for service and operation

Experience an easier interface and fast response when operating the control panels. This system also allows for an easier, cheaper and more reliable way to diagnose and repair possible faults.

Steel protection

Strong and resistant tank

Our tanks are painted with an 8-step painting process to achieve a corrosion class C3. This allows an average lifetime of minimum 20 years.

Text and striping

Personalize your units with your logo and message

Stand out from the rest and make your units unique to your business. Use the available sign plates to add your logo and/or any text you want.

Handwash facility

Hygiene on the go

Keep your hands clean at all times with the convenient hand wash facility mounted on the side of the truck. Wash your hands with warm water even in cold days.

Protection of the pump

A water filter protects the pump

The pump automatically switches off when the water in the tank reaches a minimum level

Protection of the compressor

A filter unit in the pipe system protects the compressor

The filter unit prevents the sludge from entering the pump in case the tank gets full

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