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Sewer and drainage

At airports 

Key in airport pipeline maintenance

It is a known fact that pipeline cleaning is a job that at any moment is required to do. No matter where you are; where there is a pipeline system it will have to be cleaned in order to keep it working.

One of the areas where pipeline maintenance is really crucial due to the constant and heavy flow of people is airports. Every month the piping system of an aiport goes through quite a lot of pressure where any blockage will result in not only a hygiene issue but could also disrupt its daily operations. Therefore, in order to avoid this, maintenance of the sewer and drainage is essential to keep this large pipe system running efficiently.

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CityFlex® 205 side angle rear view

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SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Maintenance: inspection and correction

Performance, efficiency and productivity

A good maintenance solution is of vital importance on airports to preserve and prolonge the service and utility of its sewer and drainage facilities. This maintenance should consist of frequent inspections of pipelines for blockage of sediment and waste. If any issue is detected it shall require immediate correction to avoid affecting daily runnings. For this reason, performance, efficiency and productivity of the equipment used to do this job are key in this area of business.

SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Wide range

Right solution for the task

The range of sewer cleaning trucks from Bucher Municipal are capable of taking on this challenge regardless of low area or water accessibility. Combination units with or without a recycling system with two to four axles and four to fourteen cubic meters provide the right solution for the task.
On top of that, a large selection of nozzles and adapters are also available to extend any unit’s range of operation. Do more and different jobs with one unit.

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