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Liquid Brine

Universally usable and
optimal for preventive gritting

Liquid Brine Sprayer   

Universally usable for preventive gritting

Liquid automatons with different container designs.


CL de-icing liquid sprayer for heavy trucks, able to spread different liquid solutions. Symmetrical and asymmetrical spraying possibility. Manufactured in recyclable polyethylene modular tanks.

Modular tanks in rotational recyclable polyethylene constructed to produce a solid structure, whilst still maintaining flexibility to allow the item to be assembled on the vehicles.
Chassis without limiting its elasticity.

The low center of gravity and the presence of breakwater inside the single tanks enable a safe drive in any loading condition, also in rough circuits.

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Modern technology and conveyor system
Modern technology and conveyor system

Reinforced high strength steel chain, 720 mm width, and 14,000 kg (137,400 N) yield load.

Designed to avoid the “bridge effect” with a homogeneous feeding for any kind of material in different granulometry, humidity and temperature conditions. Complete stainless steel bearings.

The chain is guided by toothed pinions at the ends. Two pinions are connected to a shaft which is driven by a gearbox enabling very high torque, keeping the right synchronism in the feeding. Thanks to the driving system with toothed pinions, a homogeneous feeding without side deviations and slipping are ensured.

Thanks to the low rotation speed, stresses on the mechanical part of the chain feeding system and abrasion of the hopper bottom are reduced, with consequent reduction of periodical maintenance. For these reasons, the chain requires reduced maintenance and has not to be lubricated, following a “built to last” philosophy.

Steel frame and hopper
Steel frame and hopper

The hopper is completely welded to avoid problems caused by vibrations in working conditions. Continuous welding guarantees perfect tightness with salt having thin granulometry.
Hopper walls are properly ribbed to obtain maximum sturdiness.

Safety devices for spreader are the following
Safety devices for spreader are the following

In case of hydraulic system failure arms can be folded or opened manually.

Mechanical rising up and security system for spreading device to prevent from dropping down in case of hydraulic system failure. Mechanical safety foldable arms block in transfer position.

Control valve installed on rotation cylinder to permit arm coming-back in case of shock. Hydraulic fluid cooling device and low level preventing the switch.

Key specifications

  • Winter service Machines Safety Standards EN13021:2009

  • CE marking according to the Machinery Directives

  • Quality management according to ISO 9001:2008

  • Modern painting process guarantees higher resistance and lower maintenance costs

  • Versatile configurability on the base of customer needs

Key features

Spreading system
Ecosat control system
Fleet management operations system “Assist”
Hydraulic driving system
Auxiliary engine driving system
Automatic demount system
Water flushing device

Spreading system

Nine spraying ramps (three on the right, three on the left, and three in the center) consisting of twentyseven nozzles controlled by electro-valves, which regulate the spraying therefore reaching a max. length of 10.5 m . As option six spraying nozzles more (three on the left side and three on the right one) enable to reach a max. length up to 17.5 m.

Ecosat. Latest generation microprocessor control systems

Latest generation microprocessor control systems, with maximum flexibility in programming and visualizing the different spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage depending on the vehicle speed. Six different tools in all-in-one control box.

Winter service supported by space technology and the cloud

Assist offers a complete solution for effective and reliable winter service respond to all users requirements, by exploiting the benefits of the latest space technology and real-time weather data for modern winter service.

Hydraulic driving system

Throughout the vehicle hydraulic system the features comply with the European Standards EN15431.

Auxiliary engine driving system

Driving through Diesel engine, air cooled.

Automatic demount system

Demount system with galvanized telescopic feet with crank. Higher front feet for easy loading onto vehicles provided with side panels.

Automatic demount system for tipper, with front rollers and feet fitting into the spreader. Unloading can be done automatically from the driver’s cab. Demount system for hook-lift complete of slide, protection guard for the vehicle platform and adjustable height rollers.

Water flushing device

Movable front bar for roads washing:

Spraying width up to 2400 mm (alternatively telescopic width adjustment 2400 – 3600 mm)

Spraying pressure up to 40 bar (alternatively max pressure 120 bar)

Assembly on the vehicle front plate

Drive through vehicle hydraulic installation

Fed from the CL spreader tanks.


Ladder for safe access onto the rear right side in stainless steel AISI 304.

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