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Sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal are game changers

Maintaining sewer and drainage networks continues to be a critical task in upholding the living standards we have grown accustomed to in modern-day life. For the last couple of years, changing weather patterns and overpopulation has increased the pressure on the underground and drainage systems all over the world.

Maintaining these networks to secure a sustainable environment and accommodate urbanization is no longer an option but an increasing requirement.

On top of this, working in urban and residential areas is more challenging than ever before.
However, in navigating increasing requirements and introducing added capabilities due to tight spaces, narrow roads, traffic, and densely populated zones, sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal are game-changers.

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CityFlex C40

FlexLine® 312 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

FlexLine C120

SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

SuperFlex C140

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Remote Reel

CityFlex® 205 side angle rear view

CityFlex C50

RECycler® 208 rear side angle - light

Recycler CR80

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Sewer cleaning units for any need

Born for the city

With a range of sewer cleaning units that are different in size and capabilities,  operators work with some of the most intuitive machines available ensuring a clean city center and profitable business for the customer.  Agile maneuverability, a high legal payload, fuel-efficiency configurations, and low noise levels are just some of the characteristics that make sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal the heroes of the city. 

RECycler® 206 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Great accessibility with recycling

Minimal water use

The two-axle Bucher Recycler introduces the water recycling system to the city center in a compact version enabling operators and business owners to solve demanding tasks with minimal water use, profiting both the environment and the bottom line.
On top of that, all compact sewer cleaners from Bucher enable operators to drive in-between or inside buildings and reach where other regular sewer cleaning units can’t with a minimal disturbance to traffic and zero disturbance on sidewalks thanks to their compact size and telescopic boom.

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