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Keeping the areas clean and safe in industrial areas continues to be critical; not only for productivity but also for the safety of the staff. With people, machinery and goods constantly moving in and out, maintaining industrial environments mean working around heavy machinery and maneuvering in the safety risks involved, such as lubricants, metal shavings, dust, or dirt. Cleaning industrial areas is demanding work that requires safe, powerful, and agile equipment for those hard-to-reach places. With intelligent engineering, Bucher Municipal provides the solution to even the most demanding industrial tasks.

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Maintaining safe and productive industrial sites

Optimize operations with agile and intelligent solutions

In industrial sites, it is all about safety and continuity of operations. To keep up with increasing regulations and demands for productivity, industrial site management relies on power and reliability equipment. Across countries and regions, industrial site management has, therefore, come to realize that reliable, cost-effective, and intelligent solutions are needed ¨to keep operations running, keep safety high and stay ahead of the competition. 

Safety is a key ingredient in productivity
Considering safety as a key ingredient in productivity in industrial sites has proved to be right. Across countries, markets, and regions, a high consideration of safety has proved to lower the accident rates in industrial sites. On top of that, industrial site management has increasingly realized that with low safety comes not only a high accident rate but also a lowered productivity causing delays in output. A high safety level is the result of several initiatives; among others the sufficient training of staff,  but in addition thereto, keeping the facilities, equipment, and working areas clean and safe continues to be a critical ingredient in upholding safety and job satisfaction.

At Bucher Municipal, we never take safety for granted. Every day, our solutions ensure safe and clean environments in industrial sites all over the world; whether it is compact sweepers working inside a manufacturing plant or sewer cleaning vehicle working on water treatment plants. With improved maneuverability, our design and intuitive controls allow operators to work in highly challenging areas. By contributing to a clean and safe working environment, solutions from Bucher Municipal contribute to safe operations in busy environments and increased output. 

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Key challenges for industrial sites

Keeping safety high

Safe working areas continue to influence the efficiency

Connected intelligence

Technology continues to pave the way for increased efficiency

Zero obstruction

Demand for high performance requires agile maintenance solutions

Industrial solutions that cover you from A to Z

The complete solution
The complete solution

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Ensuring that industrial sites are clean and safe continues to be key ingredients in maintaining efficient and productive operations. With people and equipment moving from place to place, you find dust, dirt and even production leftover everywhere. In there, within the equipment, dirt, and loud noises, we find people working. For the safety and productivity of those individuals, cleaning and clearing operations continue to be just as an important task in the duration of any project. With a wide product portfolio, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our partners the solution to any challenge. 

Low cost of ownership
Low cost of ownership

Improve uptime and performance with reliable solutions

It is no surprise that keeping up with large-scale cleaning and clearing demands is critical for upholding operations. It requires a fleet that is always ready for action, with even one minute of downtime a costly setback.

At Bucher Municipal, we take it a step further. We believe it requires having a partner you can rely on to offer first-class, high-quality service - whenever you need it. Thanks to our international network of Competence Centers, Dealers and Service Partners, we ensure you access to a local expert wherever you are. 

Easy to operate
Easy to operate

Simpler operations for a job well done

At Bucher Municipal, we strive to ensure ease of use for operators. Therefore, we make it a top priority to ensure they have all the functionalities they need to perform well and get the job done. The Bucher product range offers intuitive control systems, cutting-edge maneuverability for those hard-to-reach places and a range of other functionalities, ensuring you maximum quality and flexibility day after day. 

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