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Enabling mobility and
accessibility in remote regions

Facilitating mobility and accessibility at high altitude

Mountain roads require indulgent and
efficient clearing solutions

Sharply changing road conditions caused by heavy snowfall and rapid variation in temperature, aggravate winter maintenance operations at high altitude as the integrity of road infrastructure is continuously degraded. Snow avalanches threaten public safety and mobility as mountain roads are rapidly buried under a thick layer of snow, making it difficult to map out the right clearing track. 
At Bucher Municipal, we provide a wide range of snowploughs and snowblowers supported by digital services, that allow for efficient and safe winter maintenance operations on mountain roads. 

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Snow and ice cleaning

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Providing connected and efficient solutions in extreme conditons

Optimizing sustainable operations with technology that is as reliable as it is efficient.

Snow removal is a critical task in mountainous regions at high altitude, to enable continuous safety, mobility and accessibility as fierce and sudden snowfalls can result in avalanches, cutting off mountain passes, resulting in entire villages and their inhabitants being trapped. Heavily fluctuating extreme weather conditions are critical factors that influence the integrity of existing road infrastructure at high altitudes, leading to mountain passes to be prone to frost and sensitive to chemicals.

Bucher Municipal offers a wide range of effective and indulgent snow and ice clearing solutions, that elevate winter maintenance operations in remote regions. When operating under extreme weather conditions, the need for digital solutions such as advanced weather information systems or automatic vehicle location for tracking fleet operations in order to optimize daily operations increasingly becomes relevant. 

Clearing the path to a better business

When talking about reliable and efficient cleaning and clearing solutions for mountain roads, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership and productivity in addition to product quality. While product quality defines the initial performance of a solution, reliability and the route to efficiency is related to the continuation of performance over time. With a reliable and efficient fleet, mountain road maintenance authorities reduce downtime, optimize efficiency, and use fewer resources to assure continuous maintenance of public safety. Looking back to 200 years of engineering history, Bucher Municipal provides high-quality products and services, that clear the path for highway maintenance authorities to profitable and efficient clearing operations.

continuous performance 

When operating in a truly challenging environment, where changing weather conditions quickly jeopardize public safety,  mountain roads are among the most challenging and dangerous environments to operate in. Consequently, safety continues to be a key element in upholding efficient operations while expectations to safety standards for operators continue to increase.

At Bucher Municipal, we never take safety for granted. We prioritize safety for operators and for the people around the equipment by striving to ensure our equipment minimizes the risk of accidents. We go above and beyond making sure our solutions raise the bar in safety procedures. We do this by covering every angle and by ensuring operators the best visibility, producing our equipment with large windows, external rear-view mirrors, and cameras to cover blind spots. We ensure safety in operations by training operators in the product application and by designing intelligent, intuitive control displays and remote controls. With improved maneuverability, our design allows operators to work in highly challenging terrains. By contributing to a better working environment for operators, solutions from Bucher Municipal contribute to safe operations in busy environments and increased output. 

A digital solution that leads the way to efficiency 

At Bucher Municipal, we raise the bar for intelligence with the introduction of Bucher Connect. With Bucher Connect, you can manage your fleet in one system in a premium support solution for sustainable and efficient operations - no matter the fleet size. Adding value to business partners, operators, the bottom line, and the environment, Bucher Connect enables premium support in planning and predicting application and in maintaining equipment.  

Our intelligent and automated digital services, enable fleet managers to improve operational efficiency for instance of snow removal by optimizing spreading vehicle routing for deicing salt, consequently reducing environmental pollution and ultimately road maintenance cost. Moreover, highway maintenance authorities, benefit from the Bucher Connect auto­matic road gritting and intelligent route selection functions that enable to monitor vehicle cleaning records to ensure that all lanes and sections are properly cleaned. Despite, fleet managers use the preventive maintenance system in planning fleet availability and service of equipment, ultimately securing maximum uptime and efficient operations by being able to use the right equipment for the right application at the right time. 

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Key challenges for mountain road clearing 

High risk of avalanches

Mountainous regions can experience snowfall of up to 50 cm in 24h

Critical infrastructure

Mountain roads are prone to frost and sensitive to chemicals

Digital Assistance

Digital solutions simplify accurate road tracking

Cleaning and clearing solutions for mountain roads
that cover you from A to Z

The complete solution
The complete solution

Get a Bucher for every one of your cleaning and clearing needs

Cleaning and clearing is an important task on mountain roads, to ensure reliable and safe driving conditions while improving road capacity and operational efficiency. With our portfolio, we offer you the full package: from sweepers and refuse trucks, to sewer units and winter maintenance equipment. Everything you need to keep mountain roads and roads running smoothly.

And, in addition to our main offerings, we also deliver dedicated services and support. So, if you need help with fleet maintenance or operator training, we’ll be there for you. And if you want to monitor equipment upkeep or avoid unnecessary breakdowns? With Bucher Connect, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Low cost of ownership
Low cost of ownership

Improve uptime and fleet performance with reliable equipment and service support

Keeping up with large-scale cleaning and clearing demands requires a fleet that is always ready for action, with even one minute of downtime a costly set back.

It means having a partner you can rely on to offer first-class, high-quality service whenever you need it. Which is why, thanks to our competence centres and a comprehensive network of dealers, we promise you access to a local expert wherever you are.

Easy to operate
Easy to operate

Simpler operations for a job well done

At the core of our operations, we strive to ensure safe, comfortable and easy operations for operators. We ensure safety in operations by training operators in the product application and by designing intelligent, intuitive control displays and remote controls. With improved manoeuvrability, our design allows operators to work in highly challenging environments.

On top of that, you get access to Bucher Connect, enabling you to use the preventive maintenance system in planning fleet availability and service of equipment, ultimately securing maximum uptime and efficient operations by being able to use the right equipment for the right application. 

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