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The Force front loader has been designed to meet customers' expectations around durability, productivity, safety and reliability.

Since its release in 2011, the Bucher Municipal Force (Front Operating Refuse Collection Equipment), has led the market in front loading refuse collection equipment.

This state-of-the-art equipment has been specifically designed, tested and manufactured to endure rugged Australian conditions meeting the physical and time demands of industrial waste collection routes. The Force can pack a load while picking up a bin at the same time. Its high packing forces allows our front-loader units to carry the maximum payload possible, meaning you can service more bins before having to empty the load.

Available in 28.5 m³ & 33.5 m³ body sizes. Ideal for any commercial application on either 6x4 or 8x4 chassis.

Get to know the Force Front Loader

Stronger, more efficient & reliable
Stronger, more efficient & reliable

The Force Front Loader is stronger, more efficient and more reliable than ever before. The Force boasts a 2500kg lift capacity, capable of picking up bins quickly and able to compact higher waste volumes allowing greater payloads.

Designed for rugged Australian conditions
Designed for rugged Australian conditions

From start to finish Bucher Municipal's Force front loaders are designed, tested & manufactured to endure rugged Australian conditions. Force bodies are manufactured from high quality Hardox steel making them strong, light and hard wearing.


Fully configurable control system (Bucher iQ CANBus) and diagnostic interface at the vehicle operators' fingertips.

Safer work for a safer community
Safer work for a safer community

Comprehensive range of safety features to keep both vehicle operators and communities safe. Fully compliant with Australian OH&S standards, as well as VSB6 and body builders guidelines.

Our in-cab warning system keeps the operator informed on the vehicles status and the emergency stop button allows the operator to quickly and safely stop all body functions in the event of an emergency.
Fork angle safety interlocks are fitted to prevent dangerous or unwanted extension of the lifting forks and vehicle speed is limited while the forks are raised above standard height.


Key specifications

  • Compaction force 38,750kg

  • Hopper capacity 8.5m³

  • Payload 9,000kg to 11,000kg

  • Bin lifting capacity 2500kg (optional 3600kg)

  • Bin lift cycle time 12 seconds

  • Full blade eject cycle time 42-66 seconds

Key Features

Safety Features
Body Features
Bin Lifter Arms & Forks
Hopper & Eject Blade
Weighing Systems
Service & Warranty

Providing a safer working environment

Bucher Municipal’s Force Front Loader comes standard with a range of safety features and is fully compliant with all Australian OH&S standards to ensure the safety of your operators and your communities.

  • Emergency stops
  • In-Cab warning system
  • Safety interlocks at body access points
  • Dual self-aligning tailgate props
  • Hydraulic cylinder burst valves
  • Fork angle safety interlock
  • Vehicle speed limit when over height

Built to Last

Designed for rugged Australian conditions, Bucher Municipal’s Force Front Loader is built to last.

  • Manufactured from wear resistant high grade steel
  • Smooth body design with single side sheets
  • Floor mounted sump with muck out doors and spill trays on both sides
  • Water tight tailgate seal
  • High front spill panel
  • Wear resistant steel ejector blade runners
  • Replaceable ejector blade wear pads

Bin Lifters for Every Application

As standard Bucher Municipal’s Force Front Loader comes equipped with a 2500Kg capacity bin lifter. The bin lifter forks are zinc plated to reduce corrosion and the arm geometry provides the optimum bin discharge position.

Bucher Municipal also offers optional sliding forks for collections with different sized bins, heavy duty forks if you require extra lifting force and an MGB lifter suited to the full range of 80L – 1100L MGB. For more information about these optional extras please see the product brochure or get in touch with your local sales representative.

Maximum Payloads and Longer Working Life

The Bucher Municipal Force Front Loader comes equipped with an 8.5m³ hopper manufactured from high grade wear resistant Hardox steel. Our profiled lid design improves hopper strength and our 3 lid hopper system improves shielding, minimizing wind-blown rubbish. The hopper can be accessed via the built in access ladder, platform and mesh door with safety interlock.

The Force Front Loader also comes standard with reinforced twin ejector blade cylinders and a reinforced hopper frame allowing for maximum compaction force, increased payloads and a longer working life.

Bucher Municipal also offers optional hopper floor wear strips to provide additional strength for heavy duty applications such as construction waste or hard garbage.

Fully Integrated Underbody & Bin Lifter Weighing Systems

Bucher Municipal offers a fully integrated underbody weight system that provides the operator with up to date payload information. Allowing you to keep your payloads within legal limits and ensure the safety of vehicle operators and other road users.

Additionally Bucher Municipal offers the Loadrite bin weighing system. Mounted on the bin lifter arm this unit provides individual bin weights and total payload information to the driver via an in-cab display unit.

Comprehensive Warranty and Protection


All Bucher Municipal Force Front Loader comes with a 1 year/2500 hour warranty providing you with comprehensive protection against vehicle faults and fully covers the labor costs of your first vehicle service.

A technical & spare parts manual is also included with every vehicle.

An extended 2 year/4800 hours comprehensive warranty and maintenance packages are also available, see the product brochure or contact your local sales representative for more information.

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