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Runway sweeping
and cleaning

At airports 

Meeting the needs of all sizes of airports

Maintaining a clean and clear runway is critical to the safe operation of any airport, ensuring the safety of its employees and passengers and at Bucher Municipal we offer vehicles to suit all sizes of airport.

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MaxPowa V95t aero

Bucher XPowa aero

XPowa aero


Focused on foreign object debris

The airport range is designed to keep airports, both civilian and military, safe and operational by cleaning areas quickly and efficiently.  Foreign object debris (FOD) covers a variety of material including loose runway material, rocks, sand, bolts which can cause damage to equipment or airport personnel. With configurations available for high speed runway cleaning for the clearing FOD and the cleaning of runway rubber deposits we can meet the demands.


Optional Equipment

Options for airport demands

A range of configurations and options are available to suit requirements and ensure maximum productivity. With models suited to high working speeds and options such as additional water tanks and high pressure systems, the range is suited to all airport needs. With environmental impact at the forefront of considerations, these sweepers are designed to deliver exceptional performance at low engine rpm so noise and fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

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