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XPowa aero

Airport sweeper and
high pressure washing

XPowa aero

Airport sweeper and
high pressure washing

XPowa aero

One step ahead with multi-purpose sweepers for airports

Bucher XPowa aero

Get ahead on airport cleaning with this high capacity sweeper. Equipped with a powerful vacuum system and a high-pressure washer, this unit is ideal for airport stand cleaning, among other tasks.
Flexibility in build, combined with the absolute highest performance.
Available also with glycol recovery to prevent any surface damages and/or contamination to the drainage system. Help avoid any bad environmental effects as well as delays in airport traffic.

Get to know the Bucher XPowa aero

Enjoy greater productivity
Enjoy greater productivity

Multitasking power to over perform

The wide suction, high pressure water system and larger collection capacity are the perfect combination that gives you an excellent performance on your daily operation.

Options provide a wide versatility
Options provide a wide versatility

Increase your unit’s capabilities

Several options available to allow one operator perform different functions with the same machine. Save resources and increase productivity.

Bucher XPowa aero
Heated hopper
Heated hopper

Clean and offload more efficiently even on cold weather

Enjoy a fast and trouble free cleaning and offloading thanks to the unique features available in glycol recovery vehicles, a heated hopper floor and an offload pump.

Bucher XPowa aero


Full liquid recovery
Full liquid recovery

Successfully remove glycol from the ground


Operations in an airport need to be as fast and efficient and possible. That is not a problem for a unit with a glycol recovery system. Thanks to its powerful vacuum system, in one pass you can collect any fluids from the ground to clear up the area for the airport traffic.

Bucher XPowa aero

Key specifications

  • Up to 14 m³ hopper

  • Up to on 4 axle chassis

  • Fan with an air flow up to 520 m³/min

  • High pressure wash systems 150 - 400 bar

  • Spraybars on all brush systems

  • Wide suction and rotor cleaner options

  • Heated hopper floor

Optional equipment

Water systems and related
Water tanks
Front and mid-mounted brushes
Front, mid, top and rear-mounted options
Full width suction
Side blast nozzle

Specialized sweeping gear for all environments 

Beam optional equipment


Working in various environments creates different situations, requiring specialized gear - every surface has to be handled with great expertise. With modern life comes challenging tasks, creating the foundation for a wide range of sweeping gear, making sure the job gets done with the highest expertise available.

1.    Rotatilt, right and / or left hand channel brush

2.    Multi coupling, right and / or left hand side

3.    Brush unit, side sliding, right and / or left

4.    Brush unit, side-sliding, right or left - 400mm (with WSB)

Impressive high pressure systems up to 400 bar

Beam Optional equipment

Reliable and powerful high pressure systems are key.With Bucher Municipal, you get access to a wide range of high pressure systems, from 150 bar up to 400 bar water pressure. The level of high pressure we offer is unique to the business, giving you the opportunity to work more efficiently than ever before. Choose between following solutions.   

1.   High pressure water system modules

2.   Detergent tank with front mounted spray bar

3.   Detergent system incl. dosage unit - “Tap-Flo System”

Increase your water capacity significantly 

STMS optional equipment

As a standard, the Beam hopper water tanks are situated on each side of the hopper. Quite often additional water is needed when either longer sweeping time is required; where access to fresh water is limited or when large quantities of water are required. The range encompass both additional water tank and in hopper water tank.

1.   Additional water tank between cab & hopper
Made of stainless steel and located between the cab and hopper, it's linked to the standard tank. Choose from 1100, 1500 or 2000 liters capacity.

2.   In hopper water tank
Made of stainless steel and linked to both the standard tanks on each side of the hopper to maintain equal balance of the vehicle as the water is consumed. 

Simple solutions for demanding sweeping tasks

Beam optional equipment

1. Front brush: Prevent planed asphalt from being crushed back into the surface by the vehicles front tyre.

2. Front brush, side sliding - 750mm: For asphalt planning, surface preparation, V-channel and lay-by cleaning and an extra reach of the side sliding arm allowing the vehicle to sweep where it normally would be inaccessible. *Available with a hydraulic tilt.

3. Front brush, side sliding - 300mm: Allowing the operator to place the brush right into the curb and road surface, and can also be used to prevent the tire compacting debris into the surface. *Available with tilt, to brush onto a curb top. 

4. Front brush, ø1100mm, side sliding - 1100mm: Provides a big advantage when sweeping lay-bys, bus stops, along roads with overhanging trees and when sweeping tunnels.

5. Brush behind front wheel: For the removal of weeds and grass that is growing at the edge of the road or on top of curbstones. Height control enables the brush to remove the weeds without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Accessories, gully clearing and remote litter collection 

Beam optional equipment

1. Scrapers: Full width scraper, mounted behind front wheel or scraper behind right and/or left hand front wheel. 

2. Magnets: Rear or front-mounted magnet for carrying out high-speed runway clearing or roadside cleaning. 

3. Edge Cutter: Behind right and/or left hand front wheel - ideal for cutting back the edge of the road as is encroaches over time. The edge cutter removes the grass, weeds and earth in preparation for re-surfacing or just for cutting the edge back to the asphalt edge. 

4. Wander hoses: Top- or rear mounted wander hose options - provides the operator with easy to handle gully sucking apparatus, which can be used to pick up litter or empty sand traps as well as gully clearing. 

No more trails of water 

Beam additional equipment

Special side suction nozzles for use with rear mounted wide suction

With most high pressure water jetting systems, the risk of water spilling sideways and so leaving a trail of water behind the vehicle increases as the water pressure rises. With the special side suction nozzles, this risk is virtually eliminated since the nozzles are mounted on the outermost edges of the wide suction. With the addition of the side suction nozzles, an extra side curtain prevents some of the side spillage and the special side suction nozzles suck it up into the hopper. The special nozzles (one on each side) are activated at the same time as the rear suction so there is no need to activate any special flaps.

Blast debris away 

Beam additional equipment

Side blast nozzle – right and / or left side

This option provides a means to re-direct the air flow to a nozzle mounted on the side of the vehicle, fitted between the axles. The huge flow of air from the fan is then redirected towards the ground and blasts debris clear of the runway. The side blast nozzle is used – primarily – with runway cleaning. The side blast nozzle(s) can be rotated manually to direct the air flow either to the side or underneath. Controlled from the cab, the switch activates special valves located in the air return channel.

Get to know more

Power pack modules

Exceptional performance with minimum noise and fuel consumption

Choose between a twin engine with either a standard or a high capacity fan where power transmission is done via a belt drive system and fluid flywheel. For ultimate speed control and powering the entire sweeper and washer functions choose instead having a single engine (from the chassis) with hydrostatic transmission and high capacity fan.

Rotorcleaning system

Superior results with less water

As an alternative to full width rear suction and spray bars, Bucher Municipal offers a rear mounted rotor cleaning system. It operates at 60 to 80 litres per minute compared to the traditional 100 litres per minute. This reduces the costs of fuel, waste disposal, refilling and allows for better utilisation (more on-station time). This system is equally valuable when used in road maintenance, construction, industrial site cleaning, and aircraft parking stand cleaning.

The system is rear mounted, it uses 4 rotating spray bars covering the full width of the truck and full width suction. It is completely enclosed ensuring no water seepage and a high vacuum that collects all water and waste. It can be used with a range of high pressure pumps from 100 to 400 bar.

Detergent systems

Efficient oil/ degreasing removal

Detergent system options for grease and oil spill removal combined with a high pressure system. Front mounted detergent spray bar for stand-alone dispersal. Variable dosing system to control the dilution of the detergent by mixing with water. There are two different detergent systems available: mixer or mixed. 

Control systems

In cab control systems

The sweeping controls are located in the cab. You have the opportunity to choose between a standard orintegrated control system, which gives you a more flexible control system, to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Product variations

Bucher XPowa aero

Bucher XPowa V90 aero
Ideal for smaller jobs

A small but powerful unit. The 9 stainless steel hopper is designed to outperform in airport areas. Available with a twin or hydrostatic engine.


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Bucher XPowa V120 aero
Ideal for most jobs

Flexibility and performance with a medium-sized truck mounted sweeper. The 12 stainless steel hopper is perfect to take on a wide variety of jobs. Available with a twin or hydrostatic engine.


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XPowa V140 aero

Bucher XPowa V140 aero
For demanding cleaning

The larger capacity makes it ideal for more challenging jobs. More room to carry more water and to accommodate a heavy duty brush gear configuration. Available with a twin or hydrostatic engine.

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Other special truck mounted sweepers

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