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Durable, reliable and efficient performance.

Since its launch in 2010, the UrBin Rear Loader has been a valuable addition to the range of refuse products at Bucher Municipal. Over the years, we have continuously improved and developed this product based on feedback from our customers.

The UrBin Rear Loader is ideal for use in a range of applications, from light duty litter collection in parks and gardens, to heavy duty commercial, industrial and hard waste collection.

UrBin, which stands for Universal Rear Loading Bin Lifter, is available in a variety of body sizes, ranging from 6 m³  to 24m³ to suit a variety of 4x2 and 6x4 chassis configurations, including Electric Vehicles.

Get to know the UrBin Rear Loader

Superior maneuverability, faster and quieter
Superior maneuverability, faster and quieter

The UrBin Rear Loader comes equipped with new energy-efficient hydraulics and a load sensing pump allowing faster and quieter operation.  Coupled with large hopper volumes, low profile bodies & high compaction rates, the UrBin Rear Loader is perfectly suited for high-density urban communities as well as industrial, commercial and hard waste collection.


Designed for rugged Australian conditions
Designed for rugged Australian conditions

From start to finish Bucher Municipal's UrBin Rear Loaders are designed, tested & manufactured to endure rugged Australian conditions. UrBin bodies are manufactured from single sheet rolled Hardox and High-Grade steel making them strong, light and hard-wearing for greater payloads and a longer working life.

iQ CANBus Control System
iQ CANBus Control System

Utilising the latest in touch screen technology, the UrBin Rear Loader comes standard with a 10” touch screen control monitor and with our Bucher iQ CANBus control system. This provides a fully configurable control system and diagnostic interface right at the vehicle operators fingertips.

Safer work for a safer community
Safer work for a safer community

All of Bucher Municipal's UrBin Rear Loaders come with a standard comprehensive range of safety features to keep both vehicle operators and your communities safe. Our in-cab warning system alerts the operators and the emergency stop at each control station, allows all vehicle functions to be immediately stopped in the event of an emergency. UrBin Rear Loaders also come equipped with tailgate safety checks, bin lifter safety interlocks, integrated self-aligning tailgate props, and cylinder anti-burst valves.

Bucher Municipal also offers fully integrated, customisable camera systems that provide vehicle operators with visible proximity notifications for pedestrians and obstacles around the machine to keep your operators and your communities safe.

Key specifications

  • Available in a range of body sizes: 6m³, 8m³, 10m³, 11m³, 16m³, 18m³, 14m³, 20m³ & 24m³ 

  • Bin lifting capacity 600kg

  • Compaction density 400kg/m³, 480kg/m³, 500kg/m³

  • Compaction cycle time 13/16/22 seconds.

  • Hopper bowl capacity 0.75m³, 1.3m³ and 2.2m³

  • Bucher 'On-Demand' hydraulic system with load sensing 

Key features

Safety Features
Bin Lifter Options
Hopper and Tailgate
Engine Advance
Automatic Greasing
Technical & Operator Training
Service & Warranty

Creating a Safer Work Environment

Bucher Municipal is proud to offer a wide range of safety features on our UrBin Rear Loaders. All UrBin Rear Loaders are fully OH&S compliant and come standard with:

  • Tailgate safety check valves and automatic tailgate lock
  • Viewing windows on both sides of the tailgate
  • Bin lifter safety interlocks
  • Integrated self-aligning tailgate props
  • Anti-burst valves in cylinders
  • In-cab warning system and emergency stops at all control stations

Bucher Municipal also offers a comprehensive range of optional safety features and accessories on the UrBin Rear Loader range. For a full list of optional extras please see the product brochure. Alternatively contact our sales team for more information.

Bin Lifters for a variety of applications

Bucher Municipal offers a range of bin lifters on the UrBin Rear Loader. From domestic, industrial and hard waste collections Bucher Municipal has a bin lifter solution to suit your needs.

  • UCBL Single – Single MGB up to 360L
  • UCBL Twin – Two MGBs or single 660L MGB
  • Underbody – Full range of MGB’s, up to 3 in a single lift
  • Platform Lifter – Suited for cardboard bales and hard garbage

Automatic airbag suspension-sump when raising body

From light litter to hard garbage, the UrBin can handle it all

Bucher Municipal offers a variety of hopper and tailgate options on the UrBin Rear Loader to ensure that your vehicle meets your waste collection requirements.

Our enclosed hopper protects the hopper contents from strong weather and prevents waste escaping the hopper making this ideal for light litter applications. Bucher Municipal also offers a secure waste hopper with a hydraulic lid. This fully enclosed hopper is ideal for collection of sensitive waste such as confidential documents.

For more heavy duty applications such as hard garbage or bulky green waste Bucher Municipal offers a hard garabage tailgate with a heavy duty hopper bowl, sweep blade and C/W branch breakers.

Bucher Municipal is also proud to offer Pack-on-the-Run functionality. This allows the compaction cycle to operate during transit so the load can be compacted between bins for more efficient operation.

The quietest UrBin Rear Loader yet

Bucher Municipal is proud to offer the Engine Advance option on our range of UrBin Rear Loaders. This allows the vehicle to run at a lower engine rpm  for quieter operation of the vehicle in sensitive areas of at sensitive time. This is ideal for high density communities and early morning or late night collections.

Automatic greasing for maximum component life

Bucher Municipal offers an optional automatic greasing system for high wearing items. This eliminates the need for manual greasing and ensures maximum life span and reduced maintenance cost of your components.

Comprehensive Operator Training

Operator training provided by Bucher Municipal staff ensures that vehicle operators are familiar with the controls, body and functionality of the vehicle ensuring for safe and efficient vehicle operation. 

Comprehensive warranty and protection


All Bucher Municipal UrBin Rear Loaders come with a 1 year/2500 hour warranty providing you with comprehensive protection against vehicle faults and fully covers the labour costs of your first vehicle service. A technical & spare parts manual is also included with every vehicle.

An extended 2 year/4800 hours comprehensive warranty and maintenance packages are also available, contact us or your local sales representative for more information.

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