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Icebear W combi

combi spreaders with
twin auger feed system

Icebear W combi
high-value combi spreaders for heavy trucks

Available in container size from 5.0 m³ up to 6.0 m³.

The spreaders of the Icebear W combi series are available in container sizes ranging from 5.0 m³ to 6.0 m³. Depending on the selected container size and the respective application, the liquid salt volume can vary from 2,200 liters to a maximum of 10,600 liters. Thus, an exact adaptation to different carrier vehicles is possible.

Depending on the weather, the combi spreader allows you to dispense various de-icing agents with just one device, both preventatively and curatively. Dry salt, wet salt and pure liquid salt dispersion are possible with this series.

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Modern technology and auger system
Modern technology and auger system

The spreaders of the proven series Icebear W c with double auger system are due to their special design ideal for special applications. This series is available in container sizes ranging from 5.0 m³ to 6.0 m³. You can choose between different numbers of additional tanks.


Reliable and performant spreaders
Reliable and performant spreaders

The gritting machines of the Icebear W c range are renowned for their excellent reliability, first-class service and attractive price-performance ratio. The excellent equipment finish and the use of tried-and-tested components are further proof of the great technical expertise built into our machines.

High quality and long lifetime
High quality and long lifetime

The high proportion of stainless steel ensures even the basic amenities for a long lifetime of the spreaders (Skid plates, spreader disc, feet sockets and all fasteners are in stainless steel). The device security cover is also made of stainless material.

Key specifications

  • Pure liquid salt dispersion

  • Twin auger system

  • Low container centre of gravity

  • Very short overhang of spreader unit

  • Standardized spreading accuracy test

  • Different tank sizes for optimal humidification

  • The latest in wet salt technology

  • Special paintwork and many stainless steel components

Key features

Work light
Pump unit
Liquid salt tank
Additional tanks
Folding roof
Rotary beacon
Winter service warning signage
Demounting system
Equipment box
Skid unit
Spraying bar
Spreader distributor
Control unit
Run dry protection
Spread pattern programmer
Sensor technology
Safety cover
Spreader unit
Spread control

LED work light

The LED work light is mounted by the spreading group and provides very bright white lighting in the work area. The housing is dust- and damp-proof.

Liquid salt pump unit

The liquid salt pump unit promotes the liquid salt to the spreading disc and consisting of a hydraulic pump, a large size filter, a 3-way valve and a C connector. The piping is consisting of stainless steel.

Liquid salt tank

The liquid salt tank is mounted on the side of the spreader and contain the liquid salt. The tanks are made from highly resistant polyethylene with filler and connection for a level sensor.

Additional tanks (optional)

The additional tanks are mounted on the front of the spreader. The tanks are made from highly resistant polyethylene. Volume of 2,000 liters to a maximum of 8,000 liters.

Folding roof (optional)

The folding roof protects the container contentfrom rain and snow. It consists a stainless steel frame and high-strength PVC cover.

Rotary beacon (optional)

The rotary beacon is available on request in various flashing and strobe lighting systems.

Warning signage (optional)

The winter service warning signage is about retroreflective material for rear and side warning signage.

Demounting system

Spreader is supplied with a standard shelf device (4 mech. parking feets), that can hold the weight of the unloaded spreader. As an special equipment, hydraulic feet, feet with higher loads (8 tons and 10 tons) or an integrated roll-off (ABRO) can be ordered to put down the spreaders when loaded. The mechanical parking feet has a base plate at the end of the foot and has a crank to adjust the height.

Equipment box

The equipment box offers optimum protection for the hydraulic block, the junction box and the black box. The box is made of steel and damp-proof sealing.

Ladder (optional)

The ladder has a full stainless steel construction and it is available in various sizes. It helps to reach the top of the spreader.

Skid unit

The skid unit forward the salt to the spreading disc and has a full stainless steel construction. The height is adjustable the skid unit is damp-proof.

Spraying bar

The spraying bar has twelve special nozzles made of stainless steel. The nozzles can be switched on individually or in combination via the Ecosat control panel in the cab. Scattering widths of 4 to 12 meters can be changed exactly in increments of meters.


Spreader distributor

The spreader distributor distribute the salt on the street and is consisting of a stainless steel spreader disc with a special plastic cone and a plastic spreader cover.

Control unit Ecosat (optional)

Latest generation microprocessor control systems for all kind of spreaders, with maximum flexibility in programming and visualizing the different spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage depending on the vehicle speed. Six different tools in all-in-one control box.

Run dry protection

The run dry protection is part of the optional liquid salt equipment. The pump switches off immediately if the tank is empty and so damages will be preventing.

Electronic spread pattern programmer (optional) 

A powerful servomotor and a potentiometer enable the symmetric and asymmetric setting of the spreading pattern with using the control panel. The servomotor is waterproof to IP 67 protection rating. Spread width: 1 - 8 m. For the optional wide-throw 3-12 m a separate spread pattern adjustment with increased power is available.

Sensor technology 

Only available together with the Ecosat control panel. This compares the set-point and actual values of the spreader disc, the auger and the liquid salt pump. The sensors aresealed to IP 67 protection rating.

Equipment safety cover

The equipment safety cover is mounted in the hopper and has a light construction made of highly resistant GFK material.

Swing-up spreader unit

The spreader unit can swing up for trailer operation when the spreader is mounted. Easy operation assisted by gas spring.

Electronic spread control (optional)

The spread control is mounted on the disc protection. Contactless, infrared technology is used to monitor spreading. The housing is 100% waterproof to IP 67 protection rating.

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Control unit Ecosat

Latest generation microprocessor control systems for all kind of spreaders, with maximum flexibility in programming and visualizing the different spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage depending on the vehicle speed. Six different tools in all-in-one control box.


Ecosat has an integrated GSM/GPRS module (option) which enables operational data transmission. In case of bad coverage (e.g. tunnels) the data are logged and will be transmitted as soon as the connection is back.


Ecosat integrates (option) a multi-constellation GNSS receiver which supports GPS or GLONASS improving the localization performance in terms of accuracy, continuity, availability, and reliability.


On spreaders with electrical control of asymmetry, this function provides full control of the direction of spreading. The screen display varies according to the type of asymmetry: with or without feedback. 5 pre-set positions can be selected.

The Ecosat stores daily operational reports and global counters which can be downloaded or printed via serial connection.


A serial connection between the infrared sensor and the Ecosat allows automatic changing of the spreading dosage based on the road temperature.


In this section of the working area, it is possible to monitor the level material in the tanks, the solid quantity in the hopper and also the fuel level (only for equipment with auxiliary engine).


The vehicle speed can be simulated from 5 to 90Km/h in steps of 5. This feature is useful when there is no tachometer connection, when the connection is damaged or when the spreader has to work while the vehicle is not moving.


Special paintwork

The spreaders of the Icebear W c series are painted in a three-step painting process. In the pretreatment the container gets degreased with hot water at a high pressure method  (100 bar  water pressure) and sanded afterwards. Subsequently, the primer is carried out in a high pressure spraying with an epoxy resin-base metal. After curing, the surface will be sanded again before the original painting gets applied in a high-pressure process. In the basic set-up is a high-solids polyurethane paint in the shade RAL 2011.

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