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Customer Stories

Quality and comprehensive service and support are key characteristics of Bucher Municipal

Bucher Municipal stands for innovation and quality, committed to providing its dealers, customers and operators with the best possible support

Quality and comprehensive service and support are key characteristics of Bucher Municipal, playing an important role in establishing and maintaining customer relationships.

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At Bucher Municipal, we put a high emphasize to always to better. 

"We work with maintenance of critical infrastructure, making sure sewers are well functioning in all parts of the country...this gives us an extra responsibility of being innovative and investing in cleaner is in our DNA to be among the first-movers

Lykke M. Jensen
CEO Leif M Jensen, A/S 
on investing in the Bucher CityFlex C40e

"Autonomous technology for street cleaning improves the productivity of delivery operations. Thats why we are happy to research and test out autonomous sweeping solutions for Singapore, together with Bucher Municipal to improve the future of road sweeping

Jiun Chaw Tay
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

"The sweep gear is a tremendous help and a result of our excellent relationship. We know we are buying a standard product, yet it creates value to our business that you were able to accommodate our special needs

Frank Sørensen
Purchasing, Port of Aalborg

"The overall condition of the sweeper, including the hopper, is astonishing after seventeen years. It’s as structurally sound like one of our brand new hoppers. That’s amazing when you consider the corrosive and abrasive environment it works in every day.

Sean Ballantine
Service Manager, City of Hickory - North Carolina - USA

"The detailed step-by- step instructions make
it possible to get quickly back on the road.
A service that sets Bucher Municipal apart from
other winter equipment manufacturers


Michael Klinger
Owner of Klinger GmbH

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Driven by better
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