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Building up resilience 
against local disruptions

Ensuring full capacity and the highest safety standards

Cleaning and clearing operations in airports continue to gain importance as weather patterns change and safety requirements increase. 

At Bucher Municipal, we enable airports around the world to ensure their passengers can safely reach their destination. We provide a wide range of cleaning and clearing equipment for airport operations, allowing airports to keep the runway and other areas safe and maintain on-time performance for millions of passengers every day. 

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A safe and efficient airport fleet

At airports, it is all about safety and continuity of operations. To keep up with the increasing regulations and expectations of passengers, airport management relies on a reliable clearing fleet that enables them to build up resilience against the most severe weather conditions. To exceed expectations, airports have therefore come to realise that reliable, cost-effective, and intelligent products are needed to defy the most severe weather conditions and to stay ahead of the competition.  

Clearing the path to a better business
When talking about reliable and efficient cleaning and clearing solutions in airports, it is central to consider the total cost of ownership and productivity in addition to product quality. While product quality defines the initial performance of a solution, reliability and the route to efficiency is related to the continuation of performance over time. With a reliable and efficient fleet, airports reduce downtime, optimise efficiency, and use fewer resources for the benefit of the bottom line and the environment. Today, we are proud to support airports around the world with high-quality products that with 200 years of engineering history raise the bar for efficiency and enable airports to clear the path to profitable and efficient clearing operations.  

Safety without sacrifice
In airports around the world, safety continues to be a key element in upholding efficient operations. With airplanes taking off, taxiing and landing at the same time as airport equipment keep the infrastructure clean and safe, expectations to safety standards for operators continues to increase. At Bucher Municipal, we never take safety for granted. We prioritise safety for operators and for the people around the equipment by striving to ensure our equipment minimizes the risk of accidents. 

We go above and beyond making sure our solutions raise the bar in safety procedures. We do this by covering every angle and by ensuring operators the best visibility, producing our equipment with large windows, external rear-view mirrors, and cameras to cover blind spots. We ensure safety in operations by training operators in the product application and by designing intelligent, intuitive control displays and remote controls. With improved maneuverability, our design allows operators to work in highly challenging terrains. By contributing to a better working environment for operators, solutions from Bucher Municipal contribute to safe operations in busy environments and increased output. 

Intelligence paving the way
Intelligence, automated systems, and technology. It goes by many names but deals with the same; enabling products and operators to work intelligently together to increase efficiency. At Bucher Municipal, we raise the bar for intelligence with the introduction of Bucher Connect. With Bucher Connect, you can manage your fleet in one system in a premium support solution for sustainable and efficient operations - no matter the fleet size. Adding value to business partners, operators, the bottom line, and the environment, Bucher Connect enables premium support in planning and predicting application and in maintaining equipment.  

In airports, operators use the Bucher Connect auto­matic road gritting and intelligent route selection functions, enabling operators to monitor vehicle cleaning records to ensure no taxiway is missed. On top of that, fleet managers use the preventive maintenance system in planning fleet availability and service of equipment, ultimately securing maximum uptime and efficient operations by being able to use the right equipment for the right application. While this is just mentioning a few, Bucher Connect truly raises the bar in defining intelligence and the application of intelligence.   

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