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Construction sites

Solutions for efficient and safe 
construction site operations

Solutions for safe and efficient construction operations

At Bucher Municipal, we know that strong and reliable equipment makes a difference in the construction industry 

Drawing on more than 200 years of engineering history of Bucher, we take pride in offering complete solutions in construction and specialist equipment. The latest addition to our fleet of construction equipment is the Bucher Cosmix: A mobile batching unit unlike any seen before. Based on unrivaled technology, the Bucher Cosmix offers the ultimate ease of use by adapting to the most varied and demanding conditions, ensuring operators high safety standards and efficiency in productivity, measurability, and material consumption.

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Construction site sweeping

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SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Sewer and drainage

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Construction equipment

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Laying the groundwork for efficient and safe solutions

In construction sites around the world, laying the groundwork for a successful project is all about the ability to work easier and faster. At Bucher Municipal, we raise the bar and go beyond the concept of speed. We see potential in speed but realize that in order to deliver speed at construction sites, construction equipment needs to deliver more and do it better. To keep up with increasing regulations and expectations, we realize that speed is more than output. Rather, speed is about reliable, cost-effective, safe, and intelligent solutions that support construction operators. That is why we say: Only by going beyond the concept of speed, construction equipment can safely and efficiently deliver the speed construction sites ask for. 

Increasing efficiency
By offering solutions that go beyond the concept of speed, Bucher Municipal raises the bar for efficiency. We understand that delivering quality and accuracy to construction sites is critical, but we also know that offering flexibility and reliability of operations is just as critical. At Bucher Municipal, we offer just that. With Bucher Cosmix, you can deliver several different concrete mixes for different applications using the same equipment. With its unrivaled technology, the Bucher Cosmix offers the ultimate flexibility and ease of use. The control system can store over 50 formulas, which gives excellent mix accuracy. Fitted with an on-board printer, a wireless control box, and GPS tracking, the Bucher Cosmix ensures you maximum quality and flexibility. Not just one time, but every time. 

When talking about reliable and efficient solutions, it is, therefore, central to consider flexibility and productivity in addition to product quality. While product quality defines the initial performance of a solution, reliability and efficiency are related to the continuation of performance over time. At construction sites, reliable and efficient equipment reduces downtime, optimizes efficiency, and use fewer resources for the benefit of the bottom line. 

Clearing the way for more safety
Just as critical as construction equipment, sweeping and sewer cleaning equipment play a central role in maintaining the safety standards on construction sites. With machines and people moving around, expectations of safety standards for operators and equipment continue to increase.  At Bucher Municipal, we never take safety for granted. We prioritize safety for operators and for the people around the equipment by striving to ensure our equipment minimizes the risk of accidents. 

Designed for a wide range of challenging tasks, sweeping and sewer cleaning equipment provide the highest performance in industrial settings. Whether it is cleaning after road construction, cleaning of machinery or cleaning, vacuum, and transport of dangerous goods, cleaning and clearing equipment from Bucher Municipal provides you the solution to more safety on construction sites. 

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Key challenges for construction sites

Increasing construction costs

Rising costs force contractors to look for new technologies

Safety is critical

The cleanliness continues to define productivity and safety

Flexiblility required

Equipment is required to fulfill multiple purposes at once

Construction site cleaning and clearing solutions
that cover you from A to Z

The complete solution
The complete solution

There is a Bucher solution for every one of worksite needs

Ensuring the worksite is clean and safe continues to be key ingredients in maintaining an efficient and productive worksite. It is not a surprise to anyone that construction equipment needs to be as flexible as possible today. One day, it might be needed in one construction site, the next day in another performing a different task. With Bucher Cosmix, you get the market's most flexible mobile concrete mixer. 

As we all know, construction involves a lot of dirt. With materials being moved from place to place, you find dust and bits of construction material everywhere. In there, in a myriad of construction equipment, dirt, and loud noises, we find people working on building the infrastructure of the future. For the safety and productivity of those individuals, cleaning and clearing construction sites on and under the ground continue to just as an important task in the duration of any construction project. With a wide Bucher Sweeper and Sewer Equipment product portfolio, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our partners with the solution to any challenge. 

Low cost of ownership
Low cost of ownership

Improve uptime and fleet performance with reliable equipment and service support

Important for safety, but just as important for performance. It is no surprise that keeping up with large-scale cleaning and clearing demands on worksites is critical for keeping the deadline. It requires a fleet that is always ready for action, with even one minute of downtime a costly setback.

At Bucher Municipal, we take it a step further. We believe it requires having a partner you can rely on to offer first-class, high-quality service - whenever you need it. Thanks to our international network of Competence Centers, Dealers and Service Partners, we ensure you access to a local expert wherever you are. 

Easy to operate
Easy to operate

Simpler operations for a job well done

At Bucher Municipal, we strive to ensure ease of use for operators. Therefore, we make it a top priority to ensure they have all the functionalities they need to perform well and get the job done. The Bucher Cosmix offers an on-board printer, a wireless control box, and GPS tracking, ensuring you maximum quality and flexibility day after day. Equipped with remote-control and intuitive control panels, the sewer cleaning equipment from Bucher Municipal enables easy operations in those hard-to-reach places and offers industry-leading performance.  

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