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Teplex snow plow

Clear the way with the telescopic snow plow for heavy-duty highway snow removal

The only snow plow worldwide capable of carrying out the work of two. Available in the lengths from 9.8 to 23 ft. 

Bucher Teplex snow plow

The Heavy-Duty Highway Bucher Teplex snow plow range is a versatile solution for all your snow clearing needs. Its joint-free structure and telescopic elements allow you to adjust the clearing width according to the road you are working on. With two or three telescopic elements, you can vary the clearing area from 9.8 ft to 23 ft, ensuring perfect clearing of the road surface with intermediate positions. The telescopic feature of this snow plow makes it an exceptional choice for managing work vehicles. The Bucher Teplex range has been designed with your requirements in mind, providing a wide range of widths to suit all roads and guarantee excellent results every time.

Get to know the Teplex snow plows

Extendable elements for optimal safety on both sides
Extendable elements for optimal safety on both sides

The Bucher Teplex range is designed with extendable elements on both the right and left sides, ensuring optimal performance regardless of your chosen configuration. These elements facilitate the management of your work with complete safety and deliver impressive results that will leave you amazed.


Experience ultimate control with Teplex's hydraulic controls
Experience ultimate control with Teplex's hydraulic controls

As a professional, you'll appreciate the convenience of hydraulic controls for managing the rotation, lifting/lowering, and movement of extendable components, even while working. These controls enable you to extend the elements both left and right while driving, achieving clearing widths of up to 23 ft at a 32° angle.

Experience safe and efficient work management
Experience safe and efficient work management

The Bucher Teplex range offers extendable elements on either the right side, left side, or both sides. No matter which configuration you select, these products ensure efficient and safe work management, delivering impressive results that will exceed your expectations.

Key specifications

  • Application
    Highways and Roads, Airports

  • Painting
    tested for more than 2000 hours in salt fog

  • Shield

  • Scraping edge
    Neotech 2S bi-shore, steel, Kombi, polyurethane

  • Side oscillation
    ± 7°

  • Vehicle couplings
    EN15431 F1, DIN Gr.5-3, SETRA, 3 Point hitch

Key features

Patented self-adjusting bypass valve
Adjustable central tilting system
Self-adjustable support wheels
Curved edge of side snow plow and rubber splashguard
Left/right telescopic element
Scraping edge

Maximize safety and efficiency with our innovative bypass valve technology

Bucher Teplex snow plow_bypass valve

This replaces the standard by-pass valve and guarantees effective cushioning against side impacts both when the plow is open or closed. It features a double adjustment which is automatically configured to operate at different pressures depending on whether the plow is in open or closed position (standard on the TE90.42/70X model).

Boost your blade's performance with our innovative central tilting system!

Bucher Teplex snow plow tilting system

It offsets weight differences between the left and right sides and blocks the blade in a fully horizontal position when the blade is lifted and allows it to follow the road surface when the blade is lowered in a working position, ensuring even wear of the scraping edge.

Experience optimum clearing at high speeds with self-adjustable support wheels

Bucher Teplex snow plow support wheels

Adjustable and self-adjusting, preloadable with an automatic working range, they guarantee optimum clearing at high speed or when rubber or plastic scraping edges are used.

Stay safe on the road: say goodbye to snow splashes with our rubber splashguard

Bucher Teplex snow plow splashguard

The special edge has excellent clearing qualities at any speed, even when there is a large amount of snow and the addition of a rubber splashguard reduces the splashes of snow on the windscreen.

Work with ease and safety with our left/right telescopic element

Bucher Teplex snow plow telescopic element

Hydraulically controlled, it can be extended on the left and the right side and allows you to work in a closed or open position or with any intermediate width in complete safety.

Get the best snow plow blades with scraping edge - perfect for any terrain!

Bucher Teplex snow plow Scraping edge

Scraping edge available in bi-shore neoprene, steel, Kombi or polyurethane. The insert between the steel blade and the side snow plow eliminates any vibrations and stops the blade from rotating if obstacles are encountered with automatic return to the operating position.

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