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Bucher Polyx 

Frontal snow plow
with HD polyethylene shield

Polyx snow plow

Bucher Municipal's high innovative snow plow

Recommended for snow clearing in both small and large urban areas, as well as on suburban roads even with special pavements.

Bucher Polyx snow plow

Bucher Polyx series snow plow are known for their strong structure in high strength steel combined with an innovative HD polyethylene shield specially created by Bucher engineers which makes it easier for snow to be cleared. They are especially suitable for clearing snow on both large and small urban roads as well as extra-urban roads even with special surfaces.

Tests, performed under extreme operating conditions, have demonstrated a number of important characteristics which make our product the only one of its type on the market:

  • Lighter weight which guarantees a lower angle of incidence on the vehicle’s front axle.
  • Interchangeable scraping edges for perfect cleaning on all types of snow.
  • Longer service life guaranteed by the special materials that the snow plow are made of.


Get to know the Polyx series

Choose the model best suited to your needs.
Choose the model best suited to your needs.

You can choose from 4 series and 27 models, starting from the lightweight 4.8 ft Polyx S series for clearing snow in bike lanes and on sidewalks to the heavier 15.6 ft Polyx M series models for the most demanding clearing jobs. You will always find a Polyx snow plough that fits your needs regardless of what type of vehicle, snow to be cleared or how you work.

Less road surface damage
Less road surface damage

Set up your snow plow with a scraping edge that will provide the best snow clearing possible, without the need for support wheels and without damaging the road surface. Now you can choose between our innovative Neotech 2S neoprene scraping edge and the double scraping edge, with the second hydraulically interchangeable wear-resistant steel knife to clear the road surface in any snow conditions.

With the addition of the brand new patented Bucher MBS system, you will be able to inject brine solution directly onto the asphalt through the neoprene scraping edge. With this option you will increase the safety and effectiveness of winter road maintenance by completely removing snow from the road surface.

More safety for winter operators
More safety for winter operators

Bucher Polyx Series snow plow are equipped with a by-pass safety valve, inserted into the hydraulic rotation circuit, which allows side impacts to be absorbed, ensuring greater safety for the operator.

Key specifications

  • Application
    Urban areas, extra-urban roads, highway

  • Painting
    tested for more than 2000 hours in salt fog

  • Shield
    made of recyclable HD polyethylene

  • Scraping edge
    Neotech 2S bi-shore and/or steel, polyurethane

  • Side oscillation
    ± 7°

  • Vehicle couplings
    EN15431 F1-F2, DIN Gr.5-3, Setra 3 Points

Key features

HD Polyethylene Shield
Bi-shore neoprene scraping edge
Double scraping edge
Corrosion protection
Obstacle overcoming system
Electro-hydraulic unit

Excellent snow evacuation

Bucher Polyx snow plow shield

The front shield consists of a strong structure in high strength steel and a recyclable HD polyethylene shield with a curved, open profile which can clear large quantities of snow even at high speed. The polyethylene puts less load on the vehicle’s front axle and makes the snow less sticky with less power required from the vehicle.

Full snow removal

Bucher Polyx scraping edge

Bi-shore neoprene scraping edge with a negative angle of attack, made in one section, ideal for all types of snow and especially fresh and thawed snow. Essential on cobblestones or block paving. As well as removing all the snow, it guarantees minimum noise levels and maximum operator comfort.

Efficiency on any type of snow

Bucher Polyx Double scraping edge

The snow plow configuration with a double scraping edge, the first in neoprene with a negative angle of attack, the second in wear-resistant Hardox 400 steel with a positive angle of attack, which are hydraulically interchangeable, can be used on any type of snow from very fresh to more compact or icy snow.

Innovative paint cycle

Bucher Polyx painting cycle

The innovative high protection painting cycle consists of a first SA2.5 shotblasting stage with different sized beads following by the application of zinc-based epoxy primer and a final coat of polyester topcoat with firing at 200° C. The painting cycle is tested for over 2000 hours in salt fog.

Crosses obstacles smoothly

Bucher Polyx Obstacle overcoming system

In the event of impact with fixed obstacles, the elasticity of the neoprene blade allows it to deform, making it easy to overcome obstacles and allowing it to return immediately to its working position, without rebounding and without transmitting vibrations to the vehicle, all with a minimum noise level.

Suitable for any vehicle

Bucher Polyx Electro-hydraulic unit

Among the options in the range is the possibility of adding the electro-hydraulic control unit suitable for managing the snow plow movements when the vehicle does not have hydraulics.

Product variants and options

Bucher MBS brine injection system

The patented Bucher MBS system features the injection of brine solution onto the layer of snow remaining on the asphalt when the snow plow passes, so that it melts immediately and prevents it from turning into compacted snow or ice.

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