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since 1978

The story of

The history of Eurovoirie began in 1978 in Senlis in the department of Oise, a couple of miles north of Paris. The company is created by the impulse of the association of two companies Schörling (German manufacturer of road sweepers) and VDK (Belgian manufacturer of household refuse collection vehicles) to distribute cleaning and collection equipment on the French market. It has three people for the marketing of its products.

Very quickly, at the beginning of the 1980s, commercial success required the creation of a building for maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts for customer machines. At the same time, Eurovoirie became a wholly owned subsidiary of Schörling.The company grew, and thanks to the confidence of its customers decided to create a French assembly unit for its products, and to start designing and manufacturing road washers.


Meeting customer demands

At the beginning of the 1990s, Eurovoirie became a subsidiary of RosRoca (later Terberg RosRoca) for its household refuse collection activity, and distributor of Bucher sweepers (following the takeover of Schörling by Bucher).

The company continues its development, innovating to adapt to the French market and meet the expectations of its customers.
Always attentive to its customers, Eurovoirie has become a centre of expertise in the development of specific options on Bucher products, and the manufacture of Bucher street washers on heavy-duty or compact Bucher chassis.


The Bucher sweepers and washers manufactured in Senlis have made Eurovoirie's reputation among its customers. Many of them have chosen Eurovoirie sweepers for their performance and reliability.

Communities of all sizes, service providers, and public works companies use Eurovoirie Bucher sweepers and washers every day for a cleaner environment. In 2020, after 30 years of distributing Bucher products, Eurovoirie becomes a subsidiary of the Swiss group, thus strengthening its range of equipment and ready to meet new challenges.

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