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Breathing new life into urban environments

Going green to elevate urban living

Safe and well-maintained streets, roads and pedestrian areas make urban life more pleasant for everyone. But, as cities deal with constant change, municipalities must look for cleaning and clearing solutions that are equal parts efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. At Bucher Municipal, we meet these demands by consistently delivering the best solutions on the market – backed by a highly reliable and dedicated service and support team.

Explore our cleaning and clearing solutions for urban and residential areas


Waste collection

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A more sustainable municipal fleet

Optimize operations with technology that is as environmentally friendly as it is efficient

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Urban cleaning and clearing solutions that cover you from A to Z

The complete solution
The complete solution

Get a Bucher for every one of your cleaning and clearing needs

Ensuring your city or town is always clean and safe requires a wide range of solutions. With our portfolio, we offer you the full package: from sweepers and refuse trucks, to sewer units and winter maintenance equipment. Everything you need to keep your city or town running smoothly.

And, in addition to our main offerings, we also deliver dedicated services and support. So, if you need help with fleet maintenance or operator training, we’ll be there for you. And if you want to monitor equipment upkeep or avoid unnecessary breakdowns? With Bucher Connect, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Low cost of ownership
Low cost of ownership

Improve uptime and fleet performance with reliable equipment and service support

Keeping up with large-scale cleaning and clearing demands requires a city fleet that is always ready for action, with even one minute of downtime a costly set back.

It means having a partner you can rely on to offer first-class, high-quality service whenever you need it. Which is why, thanks to our competence centres and a comprehensive network of dealers, we promise you access to a local expert wherever you are.

Easy to operate
Easy to operate

Simpler operations for a job well done

We strive to ensure ease of use for drivers, which is why we make it a top priority to ensure they have all the tools they need to perform well and get the job done. Day after day.


  • Our compact CityFlex sewer units allow for easy operation in densely populated areas.
  • Our Compact sweeper is designed to give operators a wide range of manoeuvrability.

With our Bucher UrBin, find yourself a refuse trucks that is faster, quieter and more efficient than any of its predecessors – not to mention ideal for use in a range of applications: from parks, to gardens and more.

Your city’s safety is our guarantee

Equipment that is safe for operators and citizens alike

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Key challenges for today’s cities and towns

Increasing urbanization

By 2050, approx. 68% of us will live in urban areas

Critical infrastructure

We must invest 0.9 % of global GDP to meet road infrastructure demands

More waste

Global waste output is expected to double between 2016 and 2050

Vehicle emissions

Car pollution accounts for approx. 20% of global CO2 emissions