Preventive and reactive cleaning with Bucher sewer cleaning units

Contractual work covers a large range of applications conducted in both preventive and reactive cleaning of drain pipes. This can be done in very different environments such as city center, residential, highways, factories, airports and construction. Examples of the most common types of jobs done in contractual work can be mainline inspection, sewer and drainage cleaning and maintenance, jetting pipes and channels from food or animal waste, vacuum and transport of dangerous goods, etc. When drainage lines are first installed, operation and maintenance must be planned so the sewer system can function optimally.

As its name says, the purpose of preventive cleaning is to solve any problems before they can even occur. When this type of cleaning is carried out, blockages do not occur and therefore there aren´t overflows of waste and pollution which can lead to smell and hydrogen sulphide issues. Preventive cleaning also covers preparation for TV inspection and renovation work.  Opposite of preventive cleaning, it’s urgent cleaning which is carried out when problems arise. The type of work done with urgent cleaning is commonly removal of blockage to stop overflows and removal of sedimentations to reduce obnoxious smells.

Sewer cleaning equipment for contractors


CityFlex 204

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FlexLine® 312 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

FlexLine 312

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RECycler® 206 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Recyler 206

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RECycler® 312 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

RECycler 312

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SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

SuperFlex 414

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SuperRecyler 414

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Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Remote Hose Reel

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CityFlex® 205 side angle rear view

Bucher CityFlex 205

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RECycler® 208 rear side angle - light

Bucher RECycler 208

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RECycler 315 side view

Bucher RECycler 315

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Easement reel driven into a confined area

Bucher Easement Reel

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Keeping a safe and clean city​​​​​​​

Sustainable operation

As stricter requirements for emissions of pollutants and CO2 contributions are being made, more and more companies experience having to document their actions in the energy and environmental field to authorities, customers, collaborators, employees and the media. This is done using environmental standards and environmental certification schemes such that It is clear that the company is environmentally conscious. Other measures that affect the industry, for the purpose of protecting the environment, have also been introduced. In several European cities, environmental zones and road taxes have been introduced to help reduce the emission of harmful and harmful substances from heavy vehicles.

The circumstances of the environment, type of cleaning and legal regulations will determine what type of sewer cleaning unit should be used for the job. Sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal has a wide selection of equipment to tackle the most common jobs in the industry. These are combination units with and without a recycling system and are available in different sizes from two to four axle and from 4,000 to 14, 000 liter tank.

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SuperRECycler® 414 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Wide range

Right solution for the task

The CityFlex is a full combo unit despite its small size. It is designed and developed to accommodate the rising  need for compact mobile jetting and suction solutions in urban areas with narrow streets, low accessibility and weight restrictions.  It can also be equipped with CCTV, making it very flexible and eliminating the need for a separate CCTV van. Common uses for this unit are on-call service vehicle, preventive work in connection with TV Inspection,  jetting of service lines and smaller pipes, collection vehicle for septic tanks, pump wells and sand traps.

The FlexLine is our most flexible unit that can be used on anything from private household work, water  companies and industrial clients. Common uses for this unit are preventive and emergency cleaning  of sewer mains, cleaning of blocked service lines, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, emptying wells and sand traps, cleaning chemical tanks and oil separators and watering of roads.

The RECycler is specially designed for major jetting jobs, where the fully automated cleaning process ensures full continuous recycling of the jetting water. This offers significant savings on water and fuel by minimizing the need to transport process water. The RECycler can also be used as a stationary sewage treatment plant as well as a traditional sewer cleaning unit for both large and small jobs. This type of unit is today the most sought after market, saving a lot of money by not having to refill the plant with water, opposite a traditional plant. This means that a RECycler appears as a highly responsible procurement when considering the use of resources including fuel and time.

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