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Charging change, sparking Evolution

Experience the driving force and transformative power of Electric Drive. Step into the forefront of technology reshaping how businesses operate, cities move and how citizens live.

Electric Drive helps our customers optimise urban, municipal and industrial operations, paving the way for a greener, cleaner, and safer tomorrow. From the arctic chill to the southern sizzle, we have tried and tested our equipment under the most extreme conditions. Today, we take pride in offering Electric Drive with industry leading options and high-speed charging across all product categories. 

Join us in Charging Evolution. Powering change. One charge at a time.


Evolution meets revolution

Elevate and empower your fleet to achieve more with cutting-edge electric equipment from Bucher Municipal. They are designed to exceed expectations, to work around the clock under the most challenging conditions and to minimize your downtime. Then add increased operator comfort, safety and a user-friendly interface. This keeps your operation in motion, your customers happy and our communities safe. Let's take a closer look into the benefits of Electric Drive.

Switching to Electric Drive 

Lower emissions and
benefit from lower TCO

An eco-friendly footprint

Charge the future and take the lead towards sustainability in your local community. With Electric Drive, you are embracing a mode of transport and charging evolution. By moving to a fully electric solution, research has shown you can lower air pollution emissions up to 50% compared to diesel vehicles. This includes NOx externalities and brake dust. And don't forget about the lower noise emissions, where the quieter operation enable round-the-clock use with lowering stress levels and noise-related health issues in densely populated areas.

Longer lifespan

Our Electric Drive equipment is designed for durability. Modern electric equipment is generally designed to last for a long time, and with maintenance and service programs, our years of experience shows the equipment can have a longer lifespan compared to traditional equipment. One of many reasons is the regenerative braking system, which captures and store energy when decelerating. This energy is used to recharge the battery, making the vehicle more efficient and reducing wear on the traditional braking system.

Future-proof technology

Be ahead of the crowd by moving to fully electric technology, driving the change in fleet operations. Leveraging our proven track-record in electrification, we help municipalities and private contractors achieve more by using less. This empowers our customers to grow and maintain efficient, profitable businesses. Whether you are enhancing urban cleanliness or operating in industrial worksites, our in-house engineering, production and expert support keep you fully charged for success.

Lower operating costs

With proven efficiencies, electric equipment is not only better for air pollution, they offer lower operating costs. Compared to a combustion engine, they offer lower energy costs, higher energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan. The reason is the nature of Electric Drive, where less moving parts mean less time off road, less replacement part costs and more robust solution. In the long run, a lower total cost of ownership. And if you add Bucher Connect, you can increase efficiency further with optimised route planning and preventive maintenance.

Electric equipment unplugged. Do you want to know more?

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