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Find out why Bucher Municipal has become the industry standard worldwide for productivity, reliability & durability.

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Exceeding the industry standard 

Street sweeper longevity

17 years and counting

Over the last couple of years. Bucher Municipal has been made aware of several street sweepers that have passed the fifteen-plus years still in operation milestone. 

Learn first hand, why our street sweepers have become the industry standard worldwide for productivity, reliability, and durability. by one of our many satsified customers the City of Hickory.  

Having you covered for decades to come:

We have done the research for you, collating relevant information into easy-to-digest articles, covering the key things to consider to make a confident purchase decision.

  • Benefits of street sweeping
  • Are you in a tight spot? A full range of sweeping products
  • How electric technology is changing municipal sweeping
  • Range anxiety. Electric vehicles are up to the task. 
  • Smooth airflow technology
  • Sport Chassis DualSteer
  • The power struggle: Hydrostatic vs. twin engines
  • Financing solutions 

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