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for the V-Range



Smoothflow for the V-Range sweepers

As part of the Bucher Municipal commitment to providing the highest standard of product while minimizing environmental impact we are pleased to launch the new Smoothflow Air Technology system to the V-Range machine line-up. A new fan and air ducting system design dramatically increases machine efficiency to give the following key benefits:

  • 20% improved efficiency
  • 30% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 40% increased pick up performance
  • 2dB reduction in noise

Utilizing state of the art fluid modelling and simulation tools normally found at the cutting edge of aircraft and motorsport development, the engineering team at Bucher Municipal have re-designed the fan, fan case and air ducting to maximize air delivery and minimize losses in in the machine improving suction performance at the nozzles, reducing fuel consumption and noise.

With the introduction of Smoothflow Air Technology the control system and operating modes have been re-configured to maximize efficiency and fuel consumption benefits.
These changes and innovative improvements are so significant that four patent applications and seven registered designs are currently being processed to ensure the associated benefits remain with Bucher Municipal customers.


Increasing the system efficiency was a key objective and driving factor in the Smoothflow development project. The extensive analysis, optimization and machine changes have resulted in reducing losses in the fan and through the air ducting system.
The changes have increased machine efficiency by up to 20% and contributed towards reduced environmental impact and increased machine performance.

Fuel Consumption

Under normal sweeping operations and equivalent pick up performance conditions, trial results demonstrate the Smoothflow Air Technology system provides up to 30% fuel saving compared to the previous system design. Under average operating conditions this could save an operator in excess of 2800 liters of fuel a year. For a heavy duty user this saving could be in excess of 9000 liters a year. This fuel consumption reduction delivers both a significant cost saving and substantial reduction in tailpipe emissions.


The efficiency gains made through the new Smoothflow development have directly resulted in greater air flow at the already optimized cast aluminum pick up nozzles providing significantly better machine performance. Trials conducted in heavy debris and arduous conditions show that the Smoothflow machine will provide up to 40% better pick up performance than the equivalent previous design machine.


The sound power level (LwA) of the machine has been reduced by 2dB(A) through optimized design of the ducting and air flow. This noise reduction can be improved by up to another 3dB(A) with the fitment of an optional new full length hood. See PI611 for details on this option. These noise reduction levels are significant to both operator and bystanders as 3dB(A) reduction in sound power equates to a reduction by a half due to the logarithmic scale evaluation.

For further information please contact your dealer or regional sales manager.