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Your local sales
and service experts

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At Bucher, we offer the best sales and service solutions for our customers to ensure maximum efficiency and lasting productivity. Get an overview of the largest network of trusted distributors and certified service partners in the market or contact us directly. Our experts will get in touch with you to support you in all matters.

Your sales experts
for North America

Shawn Hutchings

Sweepers Western Regional Sales Manager

Jason Coover

Sweepers Central Regional Sales Manager

Gary Gainer

Sweepers Texas Sales Manager

Dwayne Murner

Sweepers Southeastern Regional Sales Manager

Erik Vichill

Sweepers Northeastern Regional Sales Manager

Jon Mix

Winter Sales Manager

Larry Kaufmann

Tankers Western Regional Sales Manager

Jacob Amrine

Tankers Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Your service experts
for North America

Rodger Wynn

Tankers Western Service

Victor Montes

Sweepers Western Service

Frank Ward

Sweepers Eastern Service

Robert Preston

Sweepers Central Service

Sean Ballantine

Sweepers Southeastern Service

Your parts team
for North America

Kevin Stutts

Parts Manager

Jordan Pope

Parts Order Intake

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