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snow plow

the universal, variable geometry snow plow

The most effective plow for complex urban clearing operation

Boost your efficacy with Unix. The snow plow that combines to the advantages of a straight plow with the versatility of a variable v-plow.

Fast clearing speed, high safety and incredible versatility makes Unix the ultimate tool for your mountain roads and urban clearing.

Difficult pavements as cobblestone, different kind of snow in the same mission or lots of obstacles does not represent any more a problem and noise emission are reduced almost to zero.


Get to know the Unix snow plows

Make your urban or mountain area clearing more efficient, safer and faster
Make your urban or mountain area clearing more efficient, safer and faster



Maximum flexibility for every need

If you have to manage snow clearing in city center, bus stops, parking lots, cross roads, narrow roads but also fast clearing sections between them, Unix is the ultimate tool out there for you.

The capability of Unix snow plow make it ideal for those who needs a multi-purpose, all-rounder equipment.

Use independently one wing for crossroad and bus stops, move both in parking lots and narrow road: Unix has always the correct setup.

Unix is the solution for many cities that are still fighting manually problem of accumulation of snow that traditional plough cannot handle.

On open roads it’s perfectly suited to be used as a straight snow plow with all the safety and clearing capability of specialized equipment.

High quality and long lifetime
High quality and long lifetime


4 main body size and up to 12 width variant, 2 scraper blade configuration, 15 mounting system, 2 driving system are only a few of the possibilities to perfectly fit your vehicle maximizing reliability and efficiency.

With a high customization possibility you can get exactly what you need for your specific applications. As a matter of fact Unix comes with sizes and option for every vehicle, from light compact sweeper up to heavyweight Unimogs and tractors or trucks.

Unix single or double scraper blade system ensure you always work with the best setup, no matter if the snow is soft, wet or hard and iced.

The extensive use of innovative material and technical solution improves performance while reducing maintenance and therefore cost.

Key specifications

  • 3 working configuration infinitely adjustable while clearing

  • Unique design and technical solution

  • Perfect clearing of soft, wet, hard and iced snow

  • Totally safety both with single or double blade

  • Extreme protection from corrosion

  • Tackle the snow saving the pavement

Choose your Unix plow according to your needs

Unix Su size

Perfectly suitable for sweepers, narrow track implement carrier, compact tractors, skid loaders and light trucks.


Unix Ru size

Perfectly suitable for medium sized implement carrier, tractor under 90 hp tractors, big skid loaders, compact wheel loaders and medium category trucks.


Unix Lu size

Perfectly suitable for medium to heavy sized implement carrier, tractor between 80 to 150 hp, wheel loaders and heavy trucks.


Unix Mu size

Perfectly suitable for heavy sized implement carrier, tractor over 150 hp, wheel loaders and heavy trucks.


Key features

Universal snow plow
Neotech 2S, the flexible single part scraper blade
Double scraper blade
Innovative materials
A unique body design
Long expected lifespan
The driving system that improves your efficiency

Shaping your plow when you need and as much as you need

Unix snow plow can be used in 3 main configuration infinitely adjustable between them.

One-side straight plow: the shape of the mouldboard, combined with the override protection, allow a safe high speed working with the comfort and clearing results of a standard straight plow.

 Wedge plow configuration: the high and open profile of the mouldboard ensure an excellent evacuation of snow from the outline and makes easy clearing very large amount of snow. It is also ideal to operate in narrow passages because of the extremely compact dimensions when Unix is V shaped.

 Shovel plow configuration: this configuration it’s perfect to clean parking lots, squares or in every case it is not possible clear aside the snow, as in presence of narrow passages, crossroads or private driveway.


The best clearing result on soft and wet snow

A Unix snow plow shows is so effective thanks to NEOTECH 2S, the single-segment flexible scraper blade made from our specially designed neoprene “HD bi-shore”.

Neotech 2S features many advantages due to its flexible nature, such as clearing perfectly all the snow over the whole width or the ability to adapt to uneven surface profile and an exceptional working life.

An extremely low level of noise, very low vibrations transmission and up to 3 override protection make it ideal for urban clearing even at night without disturbance for local community.


The right operative configuration for each situation

The Unix double blade includes all the benefits of the Neotech 2S combined with a second, wear resistant, steel scraper blade.

With 2 different scraper blade available, and the capability to switch between them while working, Unix delivers the ultimate flexibility and efficacy regardless of the snow conditions.

The first scraper blade it’s perfect for soft or wet snow while the steel one can be used for hard or icy snow compacted on the road surface.

Because we care your safety the steel scraper blade it’s also protected from impact with an excellent override safety system, that helps you manage safely obstacles like sewer covers or kerbs.



The Polystone mouldboard

The Polystone merge corrosion resistance, improved sliding and shock absorption in an incredible material.

It’s synthetically made, able to resist to the lowest temperature without suffer from rigidity and it’s totally free from corrosion.

Similarly to the underneath of ski, this material helps ejecting out the snow using less power of the carrier vehicle while avoids sticking of the snow.

Moreover that special material it’s flexible and when it is hit by some stone or other foreign material it flex back and immediately returns in its original position without suffering from damage.


high strength and compact steel frame

Behind the Polystone mouldboard a sturdy and modern frame ensure high strength and torsion free movement.

The main frame connecting the wings to the lifting system tilt as a solid body avoiding any kind of torsion in tight bend especially over mountains roads.

Additionally the tilting system allow the plow to be free of clearing and following to the road profile while holding it parallel to the ground when raised.

Compactness given by optimized dimensions and the variable V plow concept makes Unix perfect to drive in tight space or cities compared to traditional snow plow.



Controlled processes, high-quality materials and innovative technical solution

The Polystone mouldboard combined with our high quality painting ensure a long lifespan while reducing maintenance costs.

All steel assembly are shoot blasted and powder-coated with a specific double layer treatment or galvanized.

The hydraulic pipes ends and the couplings are protected with a special wax whether hydraulic valves, which are subject to heat expansion, are treated with a specific painting cycle.

Whenever possible the consumption parts are engineered to minimize maintenance costs avoiding replacing the entire assembly but only the wearer part.


Electro hydraulic unit, duplicator valve and synchronous movement controls

Unix offer different driving system and option to help you get the best out of your winter road maintenance vehicle. We recommend using the vehicle hydraulic system whenever possible but, if the vehicle hasn’t it, you can count on our powerful electro hydraulic unit that comes with a comfortable and ergonomic joystick. If the vehicle hasn’t all the required hydraulic functions Unix offers you various kind of valves for circuit duplication and synchronous movement of both the wings.


Getting even more with MBS

The patented brine injection system for Bucher snow plow

MBS it’s revolutionary system that uses a reliable and cost-effective brine injection system to increase the plow clearing capacity and, in meantime, protect the surface from the new snow to stick again.

MBS increase clearing efficacy, extend time require between each clearing cycle and make possible to reduce spreading dosage leading to simplest operative procedure and huge savings even during severe winter season with intense snow falls.

The installation is user friendly and does not require special equipment, a simple and common tank is the only requirement to transport and feed the brine to plow. 

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