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Thoughtful design,
built to perform


Thoughtful design,
built to perform

Thoughtful design
built to perform

The R Range balances performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership very effectively.

Designed to last in the toughest environments, the R Range hopper is constructed of stainless steel.  The R65m provides cost effective, efficient road sweeping. Regenerative air circulation allows for large forward facing digger gutter brooms and a full width suction to maximize sweeping speed. Combined with ergonomic operator controls and low running costs, the R655 provides an ideal solution to long low cambered roads and urban environments.


Get to know the R65m

Fingertip Accessibility
Fingertip Accessibility

The R655 has in-cab controls with audible and visual indicators, along with a set and forget pick-up head, unhanded sweep gear components and a centralized key system.

The ergonomic in-cab controls incorporate an audible and visual raised hopper warning, sweeper fuel gauge, engine hour counter, tachometer and a low level water indicator as standard.

Sweep and Scrub
Sweep and Scrub

The R65m has an energy-efficient fan system with a fluid coupler set-up gear box transmission.
It’s 3650mm (12’) sweep path and aggressive 1100mm (43") leading arm digger-type gutter brooms provides the operator the ability to sweep/scrub in front of the 2350mm (92.5”) pick-up hood.

Supreme Stainless Steel
Supreme Stainless Steel

The R65m is as indestructible as it gets. With a stainless steel 6.55m³ (8,5yds³) hopper, dust separator, fan and hopper filtration screens, it’s ready for any challenge.
The R65m regenerative air street sweepers provide the best power to fan speed ratio in the industry.

Key specifications

  • 6.55 m³ hopper capacity
  • 1100 litre water tank
  • 4mm 1.4003 stainless steel hopper
  • Wireless discharge control
  • Trailing sweepgear
  • Suited to 12-15 tonne chassis range

Key Features

Dust Suppression System
Pick-up Hood
Fan system
Electrical System
Gutter Broom

Environmentally Optimized

Dust suppression system water spraying

The R65m features a dust suppression system using an array of water sprays located in suction tube, internal body screen ductwork prior to fan entry, around pick up hood and the gutter brooms.
A twin diaphragm water pump driven hydraulically from a direct-coupled motor; self-priming and able to run dry without damage. Water winterization purge system.

Superior Size and Accessibility

Operator opening hopper access door

6.55m³ (8.5 yds³)  hopper and full auxillary engine cowling fabricated from 4mm 1.4003 stainless steel. Access doors fitted on both sides with safety grab handle and step to allow for screen and body load inspection.

A separate polyethylene water tank incorporates anti-surge baffles and filled via water hydrant.

Easy Pickup

Pickup control

23500mm (92.5") full width low-noise pick-up hood spring suspended with skids with Ø350mm (14”) diameter suction and pressure hoses.
In-cab variable control vacuum enhancer. 3650mm (144”) sweep path with (2) gutter brooms.

Impeller Perfection

fan impeller

Heavy-duty stainless steel dynamically balanced impeller with eight self-cleaning abrasion resistant blades. Operational speed variable between 2400 – 3000 rpm to easily adapt to application.

Dynamic Controls

In cab controls

In-cab integrated 7” CAN bus screen allowing data capture, on-board diagnostics, and in cab daily checks. Includes audible and visual warning for hopper raised, fuel gauge, low-level lost water, engine tachograph meter, and more.

Integrated Efficiency

Wiring and cabling R655 street sweeper

All internal and external wiring conforms to IP65 and IP67 standards-waterproof and dustproof. 12v system is integrated with the truck chassis for easy troubleshooting. Electric over hydraulic backup system.

Flexible Sweeping

Gutter broom

Large Ø1100mm (43”) forward-facing digger-style, unhanded design. In-cab down pressure and variable speed controls (0-135 rpm). Three pre-set lateral working positions (narrow/standard/extended).

Product variations

R65m with rear mounted wanderhose

Exceptionally good for gulley suction and drain clearance, this rear mounted wanderhose is pendant controlled reducing manual labour. The hose and boom are hydraulically lifted and can be used to the left or right hand side of a vehicle.

Additional extensions can be added to the equipment for cleaning deep drains, gullies and catchpits.

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R655 Gutterbroom

R65m with gutterbroom extension override

The R65m is available with an optional variable gutterbroom positioning system. This option allows the gutterbrooms to be controlled from the bac and brought in whilst sweeping by overriding the extended position.

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