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V95t aero

Airport Sweeper

V95t aero
High speed runway and multi task airport sweeper

Designed to address the key surface cleansing needs of all sizes of airports in any environment.

This highly specialised high speed runway sweeping machine utilises special v-formation channels directing debris under the primary suction nozzles for the collection of larger FOD (foreign object debris).

Get to know the V95t aero

High Speed
High Speed

 The V95t aero has a working speed that gives double the productivity of traditional runway sweepers. The innovative sweeping system allows sweeping speeds of up to 40 km/h.



Sweep System
Sweep System

The V95t aero has the sweeping and pick-up systems located between the axles where they are protected from collision damage.

A9500 Sweepgear



The V95t aero is able to pick up water, dry and wet dirt as well as larger items of FOD (foreign object debris) and exceeds requirements of all military and civil aviation authority pick-up tests. The V95t aero also excels at cleaning stands, taxi ways, access ways,removing oil, grease and fuel spills.



Key specifications

  • 9.5m³ hopper capacity
  • up to 4000 litre water tank
  • up to 40 km/h sweeping speed
  • 4500mm wheelbase

Key Features

High Speed
In-Cab Control
Optional Equipment

Sweeping Speeds of up to 40 km/h

The unique design of sweeping system and pick-up hood allows for sweeping speeds of up to 40km/h using 2 sets of nozzles - each focused on different types of FOD.


Monitoring sweeping operations

A9500 Cab control panel

A CAN bus control panel for control and monitoring of sweeping operation is mounted in the cab with ergonomic and easy to read functions for the reading of information including engine temperature and operating hours.

9.5 m³ Hopper

A9500 Hopper

Featuring a large 9.5m³ capacity hopper. The hopper features a special air-guide system separating dirt from air. The dirt settles on the hopper bottom, whereas the clean air in the upper hopper part is sucked by th suction-fan.

With it's innovative sweeping system and wide range of optional equipment, the A9500 is ideal for all sizes of airport worldwide. Optional high pressure rotating jets offer fast and effective deep cleaning for stand cleaning.


A9500 V Nozzle

Product variations

A9500 Front Mounted Magnet

V95t aero with front
mounted magnet

Available with a full width powerful electronic magnet the V95t aero efficiently collects all metal debris in its path, and in conjunction with the swept width of 3600mm achieved by using the channel brush and dual sweep brushes, safety and productivity are fully maximised.

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A9500 Additional 2000 litre water tank

V95t aero with additional
2000 litre water tank

The V95t aero can be equipped with an additional water tank that can hold 2000 liters, for higher sweeping efficiency.

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