One year after delivery: impressions of Gruppo Adige Bitumi S.p.A. on Bucher MixSpray | Bucher Municipal

One year after delivery: impressions of Gruppo Adige Bitumi S.p.A. on Bucher MixSpray

Today we move to Trentino Alto-Adige, at Gruppo Adige Bitumi S.p.A. one year after the delivery of Bucher MixSpray to gather first impressions of our vehicle. Discussion with the Group's fleet manager yielded many insights to work on and also many positive comments and reviews.

Bucher MixSpray was used during the summer campaign of 2022 construction sites, both public and private, on highways, state roads, municipal roads, and yards. First among all the features reported by the Gruppo Adige Bitumi was satisfaction with the speed and quickness of the work thanks to this new technology that mixes and sprays milk of lime. It can be used in multiple cases, on standard emulsions, on modified emulsions or even on pure bitumen, clearly adjusting the dosage according to the need of the material to be treated.

Another peculiarity of the Bucher MixSpray is that it is easy for operators to use, thanks to an intuitive and precise management system.

The operators, experts in the field, who have been employed in the work phases in which Bucher Mix Spray was used have appreciated the ease of management of the machine and the automations with which it is equipped, which allow them to concentrate exclusively on the operation and the quality of the service to be carried out, without having to worry about all the secondary aspects such as washing and cleaning, which are managed in total autonomy by the machine.

Bucher MixSpray was created at the specific request of customers in the Construction and Road Maintenance sector, with the aim of speeding up the work phases, eliminating the fine dust that is raised during the dust spreading phases to eliminate the adhesion of emulsions and bitumen on the wheels of trucks and construction vehicles, to speed up the asphalt paving phase and eliminate all the subsequent costs of washing the vehicles on which a dense layer of bitumen remains stuck.

Last but not least, the use of this technology was valued, as it allows for an important improvement in the quality of the air on the construction site, in which operators are completely protected from the inhalation of any micro-dust resulting from the use of filler.

This aspect has been grasped and appreciated by the staff of Gruppo Adige Bitumi S.p.A.. The fleet manager states "Having a machine that does not raise dust is a must. Especially for construction sites in tunnels and fast-flowing roads. Having a liquid product that adheres directly to the ground is very convenient, much safer and healthier for the operator." In fact, Bucher MixSpray, thanks to its special nozzles and homogeneous spraying, makes it possible to fully cover the affected work area, acting only and only on the work site without going to invade the surrounding environment, thus ensuring the best possible quality level and the best working condition for the operators in the field and road users passing near the construction sites.