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Experience the updated M20 control system

New intuitive user interface for sewer cleaning products

Bucher Municipal is now launching a major update to the control system for sewer cleaning products. A brand new interface for the Bucher FlexLine and Recycler series. 

The M20 is Bucher Municipal's highly updated control system for sewer cleaning products all over the world.

The control system comes with a major update of the entire user interface, such as a new look and a more intuitive navigation, which is now icon-based to achieve a better user experience. Screens, push buttons and remote controls are provided with icons, with or without text, depending on the device.

To enhance the usability of the devices, a more intuitive layout with a high contrast color and a line style icon design is used. Visibility is increased thanks to the correct dimensioning of text and numbers, which makes it possible to see counters and colors up to 8 meters away from the vehicle - even in sunlight.

Alarm messages and ordinary messages are now also divided into two, which should contribute to fewer unnecessary interruptions.

The M20 control system will be released to the market in October 2020.

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