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Munich, May 30 - June 3, 2022
C6.328/329, 60C.20/22




Bucher Municipal at IFAT 2022 in Munich

Consistently sustainable and with connected fleet management

At IFAT 2022 at booth C6.328/329 and 60C.20/22 in Munich, Bucher Municipal will be presenting its further expanded range of vehicles and equipment for cleaning and clearing work on public and private traffic areas - electrical innovations have also been announced. The completely new and electric 4-m³ compact sweeper will be introduced. With its sewer cleaning vehicles, the manufacturer from Switzerland is positioning itself even more broadly for municipal users. Bucher Connect connects all areas with each other and makes daily work easier for fleet managers.

Fleet image (CS, TMS, Tankers, Winter)


The product range of Bucher Municipal sweepers extends from narrow, maneuverable compact sweepers to powerful truck mounted sweepers. Both variants are also available with fully electric drive. The 4-m³ class vehicle has been completely redesigned. With its special truck mounted sweepers, Bucher Municipal meets the highest requirements in demanding niche applications such as asphalt, tunnel and rail track cleaning, right through to high-pressure washing.

In sewer cleaning vehicles, Bucher Municipal offers a complete range for municipal, service provider and construction applications. Currently manufactured in three series with tanks ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 l capacity, the vehicles impress with their advanced design, high-quality components and long service life, resulting in low total cost of ownership. At IFAT 2022, Bucher Municipal will also be exhibiting an electric sewer cleaning vehicle.

In the winter maintenance equipment sector, Bucher Municipal is committed to providing high-quality spreaders, snow ploughs and airport de-icers and offers solutions for all winter maintenance applications worldwide. The manufacturer is particularly innovative in its wet salt technology: For example, a special spraying unit called BrineStar underneath the spreading disc allows pure brine to be precisely distributed over a spraying width of up to 12 meters. Bucher Municipal is making a further contribution to environmentally and climate-friendly road and winter maintenance with the Bucher Icebear VP360e automatic spreader. The world's first professional, electrically powered spreader operates CO2-neutrally with pollutant emissions tending towards zero.

With Bucher Connect, the manufacturer offers a holistic after sales solution with multiple benefits for customers with fleets of any size. No matter how many vehicles are involved, Bucher Connect ensures that the vehicles are operated at their optimum, giving fleet managers a better overview and thus reducing downtime and operating costs. The service offering will be continuously expanded and will also be available for machines of other brands in the future.

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