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since 1972

The story of Beam

Beam was founded almost 50 years ago in 1972 in Denmark. However, in the beginning, Beam did not embark on the journey that years later took them to the international scene. In fact, in the beginning, Beam was operating as a contractor for municipalities on the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark. Until one day, when the staff members were looking for a specific application to solve a challenging task and they started designing, engineering and building sweeping equipment. Alongside the production of sweeping equipment for their own use, Beam continued to run the contractor business for many years.

Almost 10 years later, the production was expanded by virtue of its success and sales of special build sweeping equipment in Denmark now saw the day of light. In special build sweeping equipment, customers in and outside Europe realised the build quality and soon Beam started exporting the high-performance sweeping equipment all over Europe. 

Beam Super Silent

Going beyond Europe

The success of Beam soon made its way to the United Kingdom and in 1996, Johnston Sweepers acquired Beam. Where Johnston Sweepers was well-known from their series of standard equipment, Beam continued – under its own brand – to produce special build sweeping equipment, but gradually also started supporting Johnston in developing high-pressure vacuum and jetting configurations.

In 2005, Johnston Sweepers – and Beam – were acquired by Bucher Municipal and Johnston as well as Beam officially became a part of the group’s municipal vehicle fleet servicing business partners all over the world. To this day within Bucher Municipal, Beam continues to serve the customer base in special sweeping equipment by offering a high level of product personalisation and a high level of service and support. Operating all over the world, today you can find thousands of Beam products working for contractors and airports in ensuring safe and clean operations. 

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