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Bucher Municipals range of Bulk Waste Compaction equipment is designed to safely and efficiently compact large volumes of waste, increasing bin payloads, reducing waste collection costs and maximizing waste storage efficiency. Our Compactors can be tailored to operate around the clock to ensure your waste is managed effectively all day, every day.

Bulk Waste Compaction Equipment for Airports

Cardboard Preshredder

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Integrated Auger Compactors

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Stationary Auger Compactors

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Stationary Twin Auger Compactor

PakMor AS700t

The PakMor AS700t Stationary Auger Compactor is a heavy duty machine specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste materials. The AS700t is able to process large, bulky items such as timber without bridging in the hopper and is best suited to large scale industrial sites and production lines

Integrated Auger Compactor

PakMor AT900

The PakMor AT900 Auger Compactor is specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste material. Integrated compactors are best suited for wet waste material and general waste. The PakMor AT900 is ideal for high foot traffic areas such as shipping centres and airports.

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