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Bucher Municipal's Vacuum tankers are designed to ensure a sustainable approach to the use of water during the repair and maintenance of underground sewer and storm water assets.

Bucher Municipal offers a full range of sewer & drainage tanker products with high quality components and advanced technology suitable for municipal, contracting and construction applications, providing our customers with high quality, reliable and versatile machines.

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FlexLine® 312 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Combination units

SuperRecycler CR120

Recycler units

Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Special units


Combination units

Bucher Municipal's vacuum loading combination units are suitable for sewer, storm water, hydro-excavation and industrial cleaning. These versatile units which comes in different sizes from 4m³ to 12m³, offer high velocity vacuum, such as deep manholes and pump station scenarios and long horizontal vacuum setups when required.

Our units are equipped with moveable pistons, giving the combination unit dynamic tank capabilities for a more versatile machine and axle loadings. Low maintenance costs, increased capabilities, low noise levels and high quality. 

Recycler units

Our Recycler units have the most advanced 5 stage recycling system in the market (cleaning the recycled water down to 200 microns). This means that the sewer cleaner automatically and continuously separates water from the sludge to reuse down the drain, keeping you on site without the need to refill with fresh water.

The advanced filtration system reduces the wear and tear on your jetting systems allowing high efficiency, cost-saving to the bottom line and moreover lower environmental footprint while improving your productivity.

Special units

Experience the benefits on a day-to-day basis when you are no longer challenged by the terrain. With our special units, you are guaranteed an easy and safe access to difficult jetting tasks.

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