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area cleaning

In urban and residential areas

Performance and power in the city 

All over the world more and more people are choosing to live in larger cities. The increase in population generates more waste, more litter, more traffic and more pollution.

With sweepers tailored to operate in many different areas, we can offer a wide choice of products to ensure maximum performance is always achieved with the lowest environmental impact we can design.

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for urban and residential areas

Bucher C202
Designed to perform

Keeping the city clean and clear

Our sweepers are engineered to last, designed to perform - collecting litter, leaves, detritus and rubbish keeping drains, paths and roads clear. Offering compliance to the latest environmental regulations whilst ensuring maximum performance is always achieved.

Using the latest technologies ensuring low emissions whilst working around built up areas, and low noise creating a safer environment for both the driver and pedestrians.




Manoeuvrability in urban environment

Bucher Municipal offers a range of sweepers to match the demands of the urban pedestrian environment all with excellent maneuverability enabling efficient operation in city centers, urban and pedestrian areas.
With a large range of options available you can extend the versatility of the machine and the productivity of the operator.

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