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At construction sites

Engineered to last, designed to perform

Construction sites require sweepers that can achieve results in a variety of heavy material such as asphalt, mud and construction debris.  Our sweepers feature a robust components as standard providing excellent corrosion resistance and reduce wear even in the harshest of environments.

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V Range Hopper Prop

Keeping sites and operators safe

Safety is everyone's responsibility and we have considered all areas of human interaction when designing our sweepers.  Our sweepers are supplied with a range of safety features as standard ensuring a safe environment for the operator and service personnel. 

Being seen is a necessity on many sites and we offer a range of options to suit customer needs, including LED worklamp and sweepgear worklights as well as a variety of camera options providing the driver with increased visibility around the vehicle.


V652 Tipping Site
Compliant Equipment

Meeting site demands

We can provide a range of sweepers with a low environmental impact whilst offering superior performance for heavy duty applications.  With environmental issues in mind our sweepers ensure low emissions with compliance to the latest environmental standards. Low noise emissions also creates a safe environment for the driver and surroundings and can enable night sweeping. With cleverly thought through in-cab controls for all sweeping operations that offer quick and efficient operation for tough jobs at the touch of a button our sweepers are often the operators first choice.

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