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The sweeper product range extends from narrow, agile compact sweepers through to heavy-duty truck mounted sweepers. 

We are driven by building quality machines that have the longest working life achievable and minimum downtime for our customers.  A full range of products for municipal, contracting, construction and airport applications. Bucher Municipal sweeper products including a fully electric compact sweeper, are at the forefront of vacuum, mechanical and air regenerative technology. 

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CityCat 5006

Compact sweepers


Truck mounted sweepers

Bucher XPowa

Special truck mounted sweepers

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Compact sweepers

We provide a full range of compact sweepers designed for maximum manoeuvrability in confined urban surroundings. 

Truck mounted sweepers

We provide a reliable and dependable range of truck mounted sweepers from single engine hydrostatic truck mounted sweepers to twin engine sweepers.

Specialist truck mounted sweepers

We offer a special range of truck mounted sweepers designed for the most demanding and niche cleaning requirements. These machines are ideal for heavy duty industrial works such as mining sites, ports, airports and high speed road sweeping.

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