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MaxPowa V120

For powerful heavy-duty performance 

MaxPowa V120
Powerful heavy-duty performance

Bucher Municipal's latest innovative truck mounted sweeper, designed to excel in heavy-duty and public works applications. 

The latest addition to the MaxPowa family has been designed to excel in heavy-duty and public works applications whilst maintaining exceptional quality and performance. With a large 12 m³ hopper for extended on-station time to the new high power auxiliary engine, the MaxPowa V120 delivers exceptional results.

Get to know the MaxPowa V120


Enhanced power for optimised airflow

The new MaxPowa V120 is supplied with a high-power 129 kW auxiliary engine. The brand new Stage 5 engine from JCB fits within the existing powapack maintaining consistency of components across our V series. A new tri-plate fan design handles the enhanced power from the engine for optimised airflow, which together with an updated cooling pack position and Smoothflow air technology provides outstanding suction performance


Maximising on-station time

The modularity of the V series has been extended to the MaxPowa V120. With a large 12m³ hopper and a standard water capacity of 5000 litres on-station time is maximised. The MaxPowa V120 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership.  




Get connected

Bucher Connect provides a connected solution providing a range of location, sweeper and chassis specific data. A variety of alternative sweepgear options can also be selected to allow precise sweeping with intuitive in-cab controls


Key specifications

  • 12 m³ hopper capacity

  • 5000 litre integral water tank

  • 4mm 1.4003 stainless steel hopper

  • Wireless discharge control

  • Trailing sweepgear

  • 26 tonne GVM

Key Features

Tri-Plate fan
129 kW auxiliary engine
Water Capacity
Operator Experience
Chassis GVM

Innovative fan design

A new tri-plate fan design handles the enhanced power from the engine for optimized airflow, which together with an updated radiator position and Smoothflow air technology combines to provide outstanding suction performance

For sustained performance

The new MaxPowa V120 is supplied with a high power 129 kW auxiliary engine as standard which offers 690 Nm of torque for sustained performance. The JCB 97 kW Stage 5 engine option is also available. The brand new 129 kW auxiliary engine from JCB fits within the existing powerpack, keeping consistency of components across our TMS range.

Large water tank for maximised on-station time

Up to 5000 litres total water capacity. The hopper features a large 5000 litre integral water tank constructed from 1.4301 stainless steel. Low pressure water jets positioned at key locations are ideal for dust control and to make the water last longer.




Cleverly thought through with the operator in mind

The MaxPowa V120 not only delivers on great performance but also provides the operator with intuitive controls for ease of use. The ergonomically designed door controller provides easy in-cab operation for all sweeping operations, and a heavy-duty pause button allows one button operation. The operator is also free to safely walk around the sweeper and adjust the wide sweep brush. 

The centre console featuring cup holders and USB charging points can be adjusted to suit the operator's preference. The JVM screen is mounted on an articulated arm allowing tilt angle and rotation to be adjusted without the need for any tools. The JVM has a wide range of settings that can be tailored to suit the operational needs.

Chassis range

The MaxPowa V120 is suitable for 26 tonne chassis with a nominal wheelbase of 3900 - 4600 mm

A highly visible self-engaging body prop provide a safe working environment.  With a host of safety features provided as standard, the MaxPowa V120 can also be supplied with a wide range of options including l LED work and hazard lights to make sweeping safer and easier.

Product variations

MaxPowa V120 with Side slide brush

Optional brush behind the front wheel for increased swept width and effective weed removal without the use of chemicals.

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MaxPowa V120 with Broomvak sweepgear

For high speed pick-up. Brush behind the nozzle design also allows pick-up at reduced fan power in less demanding applications.

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MaxPowa V120 with Remote mesh lift

Allows the hopper meshes to be lowered and lifted into place remotely, without the need for the operator to stand in the dirty area.

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