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Sewer cleaning

SuperRecycler CR120

Recycler CR120

Power and functionality, combined in the market’s most flexible recycling unit to deliver the best job.
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SuperRECycler® 414 Recycler sewer cleaning unit UK IE

SuperRecycler CR140

The market’s most powerful recycling unit. Impressive power and innovative engineering.
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CityFlex C40

Compact combi unit optimised for the city, that moves around easily in densely populated areas.
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FlexLine® 312 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

FlexLine C120

Multipurpose combi sewer cleaner. Our most sold unit, with world-class flexibility for preventive cleaning.
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SuperFlex® 414 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

SuperFlex C140

No job is too big for this powerful machine, with its impressive vacuum and jetting strength.
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Remote Hose Reel UK IE

Remote Reel

Guaranteed easy and safe access to difficult jetting tasks.
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GullyFlex C80

Specially designed vehicle for an effective cleaning of sludge from domestic and roadside gullies
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