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Comprehensive Training 

Providing high quality, certified
training for technicians and operators


Enabling our customers to get the most out of our sweeper and spreader products  


Exceeding the needs of our customers by providing the most complete operator and technical training available. 

Our courses provide thorough Knowledge of our Bucher products and their applications. We have a Passion for customer satisfaction, always striving to overdeliver on expectations while leaving customers wiser and more confident in the correct, safe and efficient usage of the specialist vehicles. With our certified City & Guilds accredited courses you can be sure the training is carried out to a high level and a certificate is provided proving successful completion of the relevant course (at cost).

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Thorough training is key to maintaining performance 

At Bucher we are at the forefront of innovation. The training courses offered reflect this key value and are continuously improving to keep up with the pace with the evolution of modern technology. 

These certified training sessions are planned in advance and can be held at your location, with our expert trainers coming directly to your site. The in-depth courses we offer highlight ways to use the machine to its fullest potential, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and making sure your machine stays serves you well year after year.

Our certified trainers spend the whole day with you, getting into details that may not be covered by alternative training courses. These sessions cover multiple areas in depth allowing your organisation to benefit from the correct operation and maintenance regime. Ultimately this helps you keep operational costs to a minimum, and maximises efficiency ensuring the operator is working safely and using the equipment to the best of its ability, prolonging the longevity of the unit and increasing the machine's end of life value. 

These courses cover not only the new Bucher products, but also  any existing historic models i.e Johnston Sweepers, Giletta spreader, and JHL sewer cleaning machines.

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Training Plus

Technical Training

A number of training courses are available from our highly skilled technical team. Available at our training centres based in Dorking and Avonmouth or at your premises. (T&Cs apply) 

Certified Operator Training

Bucher Municipal provides Operator Training courses on all sweeper and spreader models focusing on: Safe, correct and efficient use of the vehicle. We also offer free training for up to four operators on all new sewer cleaners purchased through Bucher Municipal, covering important topics such as health and safety, efficient operations and daily and weekly checks to reduce the maintenance requirements.

Certified Application Specific Operator Training

CAST Course. City & Guild accredited bespoke certificated training for up to four experienced operators covering four topics of your choosing for sweepers or spreaders.

Certified Train the Trainer

We offer an in-depth one-to-one “Train-the-Trainer” course, which (upon successful completion) allows the attendees to roll out training throughout their organisation. This provides the in-house skills required to ensure continuity of knowledge and skills as and when there are changes in staff. 

Advanced Sewer Cleaner Training

Bespoke and in depth advanced training on our sewer cleaning range. We offer highly skilled trainers with a wealth of experience on topics ranging from overpumping to deep suction on sewage treatment plants, allowing a full understanding of how to best use the units to get the best results. 

  • CAST Course

    Certified operator training for up to four people with a choice of four topics. The course can be specifically tailored to your needs. Examples include: driving techniques, front brush positioning and maintenance regimes. 

    PDF | 257.76 KiB
  • Train the trainer

    Train the Trainer is an intensive course that certifies the participant as a trainer that can train other sweeper operators in their organisation.

    PDF | 326.56 KiB
  • Operator training

    A one day course designed to teach sweeper and spreader operators best practice in all aspects of their Bucher Municipal vehicle.  

    PDF | 256 KiB

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