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you need to know
before buying a
Road Sweeper

Important and relevant information when considering your road sweeper purchases

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Saving you time
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We have done the research for you, collating relevant information into an easy-to-digest report covering everythingyou need to know before buying street sweeper. 

This Report includes:

  • Direct vision and new ultra-low emissions zones
  • Alternative fuels: All you need to know about going green
  • How electric technology is changing municipal sweeping
  • Range anxiety? Prove electric vehicles are now up to the task
  • The power struggle: Hydrostatic vs. twin engines
  • Whats the next best thing to a brand new Bucher Sweeper? 
  • Making your life easier
  • Are you in a tight spot? The Compact Sweeper Range
  • The fleet of the future
  • Comfort & Safety
  • Going the extra mile

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